Lucy had the bestest friend ever! Mr Liam Payne. They've been best friends since she can remember but when she's asked to be hired as Liam's girlfriend by management, their relationship is put to the test...


4. The Fight

Liam's POV

I dashed off towards the dressing room to cool down for a bit, removing my sticky shirt along the way. I smelled underneath my armpits and gagged at the scent. I reeked! Lucy was right- I really did need a shower!

I half jogged half walked to the dressing room and when I'd almost reached the door someone suddenly smacked into me.

"Oh. I'm so sorry!" I apologised as I stood up since I'd fallen from the impact of the collision. I offered my hand to the person on the floor. I couldn't see their face because they were lying face down but I could definately tell it was a man.

"It's alright, mate," the person replied in a heavy cockney accent as he finally turned over. I could see he had a bit of a belly with short grey hair. He was wearing knee length sand coloured shorts with a grey polo shirt and had a large camera swung around his neck. He looked about middle-aged.

The man took my hand and I strained my back trying to help him up. He was quite a big bloke after all. As soon as he was up on his two feet again a great flash went off and I realised he snapped a picture with his great, big camera. He took multiple pictures all in a row, shoving the camera in my face.

I covered my eyes since the flashes were making them sting. How did he get in here? Stupid paparazzi! Who let him in? He shouldn't be in here!

"Please...stop it!" I begged trying to push the expensive camera away.

"Liam! You know what you are? A stupid faggot in a boyband! That's what you are! You don't deserve to be in this boyband!" He yelled insults at me hoping to get some kind of reaction off of me. I started to walk away.

"Hey! Where are you going? To run away to your band mates and have a good cry! Well you know what their all faggots too!" He shouted after me.

"And you know whose the biggest faggots of all! Your stupid fans! Their so petty worshipping you like that! They're all a bunch of stupid dumb screaming girls!" That was it.

I froze dead in my tracks. I was shaking with anger. My face was going red with rage. He could've insulted me all he liked but no-one insulted our fans. No-one made fun of our girls.

I span around and ran upto him. Fear spread across his face as I threw a punch at him. It hit him. Right on the nose. It had swelled up and gone red making him look like Rudolph. I tried to hold in my laughter as best as I could.

He looked at me with such frustration and tried to punch me in the stomach. Tried to. I took boxing as a sport when I was younger so I was quick and agile and could manouveur around him easily.

I shoved him and pushed him like a killer whale playing with its pray. But as I was laughing because I was having too much fun, I didn't notice him stick his leg out and I went flying over it. I smacked my face on the vinyl floor and my shins had collided with a smack!

I lay there in pain for a few seconds before turning onto my back and seeing the reporter flying towards me. He sat on top of me, leg either side of my torso. He smacked my face repeatedly as I the threw punches his way missing every time.

"You weren't the only one who took boxing when you were younger you know," he cackled. He punched my face over and over again but after what seemed like hundreds of punches he finally stood up. I thought he was going to leave but instead he kicked me several times in the stomach winding me and then he kicked me really hard in the shins which already hurt from falling to the floor.

He yanked me off of the floor and pushed me into a set of drawers which toppled on top of me and the whole world went black.

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