Lucy had the bestest friend ever! Mr Liam Payne. They've been best friends since she can remember but when she's asked to be hired as Liam's girlfriend by management, their relationship is put to the test...


5. The Aftermath

Lucy's POV

"Liam! Liam!" I shook him vigorously hoping, praying he'd wake up.

"Liam! Can you hear me!?" I yelled. He let out a slight moan and his eyelids finally fluttered open.

"Thank God!" I cried hugging him tight. He looked at me confused before smirking a little.

"What are you smirking at?" I questioned him. His smirk soon turned into a grin and I was beginning to get suspicious. I glared at him, trying to hold back a smile myself.

"You just seemed very pleased to see me. And when you hugged me you certainly took your time," he replied grinning.

"I was just glad you're alright," I answered blushing and standing up. I was hoping we could change the topic to something else. He was making me flustered and it was very embarrassing.

"Liam," a deep voice growled behind me. I whipped around to see Paul towering over me with an angry look in his eye.

"Liam," he said again. "You shouldn't of reacted to that reporter. We managed to escort him from the premises but tell no-one of this. It's just between us," he said pointing to all three of us. We both nodded in agreement and Paul walked off in the opposite direction.

"I couldn't help it! He insulted directioners," Liam defended looking genuinely upset. "Our girls," he added. It made my heart melt when they called directioners that. It was like they felt protective over them and it was so cute! I gave his arm a reassuring pat as to say 'I'm sure everything will be just fine and it will all blow over in a few days." He looked at me but failed to smile.

Our eyes met for a few seconds. I never noticed how brown they were. Not a dull boring brown, but a very glossy, shiny brown. They were a puppies eyes. Very beautiful actually.

Lucy, stop it! I yelled at myself inside my head. You and Liam are just friends! There was a silence for about half a minute and things were starting to become awkward so Liam cleared his throat and began to walk away.

"I should probably find the others," he said turning back as he walked off.

I was kind of disappointed. I wanted him to stay and chat with him. But that would have to wait until later.

A/N hey! Thanks for reading so far! I'm sorry this is kind of a short chapter but I still hope you enjoyed it! :) Lucy<3

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