For nineteen years Mali has been living in an orphanage. Her life has had its up and downs, but Mali finds peace in her photography. When she wins a photo contest she's more then just surprised when she learns about her prize: Backstage passes to a One Direction concert.


1. ~Chapter one~






Snow gently drifted down from the sky. Mali positioned her camera once more, glancing up to make sure that the little girl was still smiling. She gave her a small smile before snapping a photo, She gave the girl a thumbs up as she glanced down at the photo. It wasn't her best, but it would have to do for now. The sun was beginning to set and she was forced to walk home tonight. Grabbing her camera stand, she bid a goodbye to the young girl and her mother before setting off on the long journey home. Photography was something that was in her blood. She breathed and lived it. No one could find her without her camera. It had been through everything with her ever since she got it two years ago.

She stuffed her hands into her white parka as she walked home. It shouldn't take her too long; she knew a short cut. Of course, that included going through the forest. The forest was none for kids, and adults getting lost inside them. Unless you went in there a lot and marked your path, you better hope somebody was camping that day.  Mali brushed some of her brown locks out of her face as she turned onto the path that led to the forest. Signs lined the trail stating that tourists should not enter the forest.  Time for the journey home to begin.

Or well, home for now. Even though she only had a year left before she got the curb, Mali believed that she was going to get adopted by a nice small family. So far, her hopes hadn't been crushed. But nobody had asked to see her either. Being seventeen and living in an orphanage was hard sometimes. The staff was nice, and the kids were tolerable, but all the teenagers knew they would never get adopted. Everyone except for Mali of course.

By now she was halfway home. The teenager paused and snapped a picture of a squirrel scurrying up a tree before she continued on her way. Before long she was home. Mali entered the orphanage and was greeted by a poster being thrusted into her face. She blinked. It read; "PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST; WINNER MEETS HARRY STYLES." 

Mali scoffed as she looked up at the seventeen year old boy. "So? Why should I care?"
"Because a big celebrity will be judging it!" Joey, a seventeen year old ambitious boy answered. "Plus, I know you love taking photos."

"Jo..." Mali started.

"No, you're doing it. I already signed you up." Joey said, already walking away. "Your deadline is next Friday!" He called over his shoulder.

"Okay." Mali said before she realized what he had just said. "WAIT WHAT!?"



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