Killer In the Rain

I've become restless after all the insanity that has struck.


1. What's cherished and broken

The people who live here lie and get trapped  in more and more lies.

Some of them don't care of there loss, and sit around like a bunch of lumps.

No one knows my story, but somehow I don't either.

It's just bright lights in my head.

People think all I do is sit and drown in my thought's as if I'm not there.

 Unfortunaly, I'm bipolar.Which makes it really hard for people to understand me.

I'm a boy ..... just so you wont go putting labels on me.

I figured I don't need anyone as a friend,girlfriend or enemy.

Which sounds common but its kind of frightning when there is an enemy.

 The news comes on so I guess I'll stick along. I plump on the couch.

The news lady says, "Three gun shots have gone off last night and still no remaining criminal."

My back hunches forward more to listen.

"One dad and two sons." 

"We asked if some neighbors knew about the investigation."

"They said there was a symbol on the wall."

"Kinda like a circle with a bunch of lines in them which led the investigators speechless."

"The mother after that was no where to be found for now."

"No one came to the sad funeral,after lies were stated."

After that I zoned out. Why would two boys be killed when there young ? A bunch of suggestions and thoughts were messing with me.There's only one reason.Someones out there in the world he's looking for.

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