Killer In the Rain

I've become restless after all the insanity that has struck.


6. Taken

I stood up off the floor, and helped Damon up.


Jenson stared and me, waiting for a signal.


Both of us ran at the same time.


Damon was right at my side.


“WAIT,” Jenson screamed.


It was too late. The Killer in the Rain dropped a match.


The gas station lit before my eyes.


All of us sunk to the ground.


“GET UP,” Damon yelled next to me.


My head turned towards him.


I couldn’t move and someone lifted me off the ground.


The scene slowly faded away, and I was put into a soft corner.


I felt a cramped damp space.


I tried to open my eyes, but all I saw was blackness.


It took a while until I realized it was a blindfold.


There was the scrunching of grass.


As someone passed by there was footsteps.


Someone had lifted me up and taken me inside a building.


My eyes were getting baggy, and  I slowly drifted to sleep.


Soon I regained my consciousness, and I was sitting on what it seemed like a bathroom floor.


I lifted my arms, they both seemed to work.


My right leg lifted up, but the second didn’t.


As my eyes focused on the room. I could see a little bit, the room was mostly white and blue.


My head moved around and tried to take the sack off.


It finally came off and I was able to adjust to the light.


The room was mostly barren besides the leftover boxes. The room was oddly terrifying with the filthy walls, weird scenery, and stuffed buck animals.


There was a white desk with two guns, gasoline, and matches.


A rat was crawling in another corner near the door, taking a piece of scrap with it.


Outside of the room there was some sort of ruckus.


A couple of shoveling and the latch of the door was opening. With a little unlocking, the gray silverish door was open.


As he turned the latch I caught up with his eyes.


They were blue with a cold ice stare.


“You’re up.”


He took a seat near the desk and slid his chair near me.


I didn’t say anything for the sake of god.


He sat up.”Hmm..”


“You don’t know who I am?”


Like hell I would, you killed my whole town.


He stepped forward and you could see his yellow teeth grit.


“You’re just gonna sit here and not talk to me?”


Since he didn’t get an answer, I could see the steam come off of him.


The Killer stood back and took a look at the guns.


He had on all black and the same hoodie, and it looked like he hadn’t washed up for days. There was a tan and you could see his skin glistening. Even though he had his mind straight, his foot was tapping nonstop.


Just then out of nowhere he pulled out one of his Amt hardballers.


He scooted closer to my face and put the gun up to my chin.


I suggest you start talking.


I would but you have a gun close to my face.


Even if I did talk, he still would shoot me.


Are you kidding me? I’m not giving him what he wants.


It wouldn’t be that big of a deal if he did.


I already lost my dad and my mom.


The only family that actually loved me.


I started to think about what would have happened if I didn’t walk out the door.


Maybe me and Damon would be safe, maybe I would already be dead.


“Alright, I see how it is.”


Surprisingly, he moved back to the desk and put the gun down.

“Let me give you a little insite on how things were for me."

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