Killer In the Rain

I've become restless after all the insanity that has struck.


3. Rest...That's All

Rest...That’s All


I went to go get some fresh air.

Once I head out the door I go straight towards the field.

The weeds fill the air with dew , me and my brother used to come out here when we were little.

Now it seems like he doesn't give a damn.

All that went through my head is that MY OWN PARENTS DON'T WANT ME.

“MY OWN PARENTS DON'T WANT ME” I yelled or at least I did in my mind

Such as simple as that; you get knocked up and throw away what you could have had …. a life.

Why am I here ? To regain my memories , To watch me fail highschool.

Everytime I want to prove someone wrong it doesnt work.

You know why ? because when I do god comes to smack me right in the face.

Who am I kidding ? I should go back home...No I can’t all my memories are there.

I’m embaressed to see my own family.

After that I couldnt do it anymore.

My knees fell to the ground.

My heart was pounding.

I brushed my hands through my hair.

Tears rushed out of my eyes.

I layed my head on the weeds.

After I sat up and made my way up the road.

I had everything I needed for the day I just need to rest...that’s all.


As I was walking Matty had texted me.

(Hey where are you ?)

(I cant say)

(Why not ?)

(Because then you’ll tell damon and the cops will come looking for me)

(Dude I’m just worried about you the killers still out there what if you get shot what will happen then ?)

(I doubt he will and if he did it still wouldnt matter my family has been lying to me for years it wont change anything)

(Tell me where you are just incase)

(Are you gonna do anything)

(No just dont do anything stupid)

(Fine I’m...)

I paused and looked at the sign.

(30 miles away from Tateson)

I remember when me and my dad always used to sing the same song when we went somewhere and in the song I’d point to the sign.

Then he’d hug me reminding me that I should always have a goal in life.

I told him that making him proud was mine.

Just then I my thoughts were interupted.

My stomach started growling.

Was I really that hungry ?

Well I hadn’t eaten since four.

The sky was orange and light pink.

I check my phone.

It was six o’clock.

Some girl in a “We All Love” shirt and dark brown hair pulled up beside me in a red car.

“Are you lost ?”


“Wanna ride ?”

“I’m fine no thanks”

“You sure its a pretty long way down there”

She slowed her pace down just to catch up with me.

“What’s your name ?”


“Come on it’ll be fun”

I didnt answer.

I took the offer and got in the front seat.

“I’m Jenson”

She heard my stomach growling.

“Woah did you eat anything since this morning”

“So what’s your story ?”I asked , she looked like she was sixteen or seventeen.

“I stole this car from my dad”

“I wanted to get away from all the drama with him and mom”

“Promise you wont tell”she asked.



We came to a stop at a resterant called “Taylor May’s”.

The door swung open and we ordered.

Jenson started talking about her background life when I started daydreaming.

I looked at the tv screen and saw another break in.

This time it was in Johnson Town.

My heart stopped.

My back and chin rose up.

Jenson looked at me.”Adam are you even listening”

Just then she looked at the tv.

My feet stomped out of the resteraunt.

I ran towards the car and got in.

Jenson ran after me.

“Wait , let me drive”


Back at home I was waiting for Adam to come.

I should have ran,I should have tried to calm him down but most of all I should have been a brother.

Now he’s gone and no one knows where he is.

I sat down at the dinner table with dad.

“He’s gonna come back I know it-”

“It’s not anyones fault if he doesnt come back he can make it on his own”he interupted

“On his own ? On his own ?”

“Do you hear yourself ? it’s your own biological son for christ sakes !”

I wanted to be mad at him its his fault if he wasnt on the phone none of this would have happened.

“When I was your age I didnt have a father my mom died before she ever said she loved me”

I stopped and walked out of the room.

Wow I didnt know my dad was an only child or that his mom died.

A soft footstep filled the room.


A loud sound was banging in my ear , a  gun shot.

“Did you hear that ?”

No answer.

I walked in the living room.

No No No

My first thought was to run to the ground but I didn’t.

To let my knees fall down.

Eventually I would have to get up sometime.

What I thought I did but I didn’t.

“Run”dad said

I forced myself to get out of there.

I would never go back.

Not anymore.


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