Killer In the Rain

I've become restless after all the insanity that has struck.


5. He's Here

I got back up and shrugged off Jenson.


“We have to go back.”


“What,are you crazy?”Damon said.”I just got out of that hell hole.”


“Were not just supposed to leave him like that,”I yelled.


“Guys,there’s no need to fight.”


“Shut up,you don’t know him like I do.”


“Adam,go easy on her.”


She looked at me as if I was crazy.


My face was hot and red.I felt a drop of sweat fall on my shirt.


“I...I just need to see for myself.”


“Adam you can’t,he’s gone.”


“No,you can’t say that”I said and looked into his eyes.


“I’m sorry,do you think that this is how I wanted it to turn out?”he said raising his voice.


“Ofcourse not!”I screamed.


Damon looked up at me.


“He told me to leave Adam.”


I knew he was telling the truth then because that sounds like something he would say.Saving his son is the only thing he could do.


I still couldn’t bear it though.The sun was going down and it started getting cold.


Not once had I seen Damon like this.His eyes had never watered,and he never cried.When I was looking at him now he seemed as if he didn’t know what to do.Damon officially,for once,hadn’t made a smart remark to me.Hell,I was surprised that he even hugged me.


I had to admit,I needed that hug.


“What do you want to do?”


“We can stay over Matty’s house.”


“You sure he’ll let us stay there?”


“Damon,it’s fine.”


“Okay,”he said and I felt bad.


I texted Matty.


(Can you come and pick me up?)

(Where r u now)

(I’m at STANITON’s)

(That’s far away from town)

(I know,I have no where else to go)

(Fine,I’ll be there,but u owe me)


“He’s on his way,”I state.


Jenson payed for the gas and stood against the car.


“I’m sorry for yelling at you.”


“I understand,”she nodded her head.


I looked at her;when she didn’t look back I stared at the ground.


“You’re not mad at me?”


“Why would I?It was a serious situation.”




“Listen,I’m not like you.I don’t push people away.”


“It was stupid,I’m sorry.”


“Why did I even bring you here?”she asked.


“You never wanted to go,didn’t you.”


I didn’t say anything because half of it was true.


“Didn’t you?”before I knew it she was standing in front of me.


Jenson pounded on my chest and put her arms around me.


“Don’t leave me.”


I hugged her back.


We both walked inside the store and sat on the floor.


Damon joined us.


He was eating beef jerky.


“Remember when mom used to take us here to get one snack”


Only one,”we said at the same time.


I smiled at the thought.


“I would always get beef jerky,and you would always get animal crackers.”


I chuckled.


“You could have anything else in this damn shop,and you got animal crackers,”his head turned to look at me.


“Matty’s here,”he said and stood up.


I stood up and looked outside.


The sky was fully dark and eerie.


A figure appeared in a silver car.


“Damon,that’s not Matty.”


“Matty drives a red mercedes.”


“Then who is it?”


I looked at him,to Jenson,and back to the car.


The clerk was asleep while on the job.


We stared for a moment and he didn’t get out.


It was all rush when this happened.


I remember thinking,how did we end up here?


And why.


A raindrop fell on the floor.


“What’s going on?”Damon asked.


“I don’t know,and I don’t want to find out,”I replied.


“Let’s go.”


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