The kids in the candy shop

Hi my name is Summer Cross. I live in a small town called Crowborough in England about two hours from London. I am a HUGE fan off Olly Murs, Ed Sheeran and the one and only ..... Queen! Wait did you think i would say one direction. HA fat chance i think they are ignorant little gits, excuse my language. Well that is all you need to know about me so.... READ ON is all i can say.


2. Intro and meeting the boys!


Hey Guys so I hope you don't mind but I call all my fans my lovely lama-unicorns so that is what I shall call you. my name is Lizi the person in this story is made up. sorry if any of this story offends you. THIS IS JUST FOR FUN! I DONT MEEN TO OFFEND! I don't really know where this story is going so just go with the flow. if I mess up or get something wrong please tell me I will take care of it. and lastly this is MY story please do not steal it, this is my hard work, if you want to use any of the ideas I am cool with that just let me know and I will tell you if it is ok. that is all my lovely lama-unicorns god luck in life and may the Oreos be ever in your favour. (BTW I HAVE AND OBSESSION WITH LAMA-UNICORNS AND OREOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)



Hi my name is Summer Cross. I live in a small town called Crowborough in England about two hours away from London. I am a HUGE fan of Olly Murs, Ed Sheeran and the one and only...... Queen! wait, did you think I would say One Direction. Ha fat chance. I think they are Ignorant little Gits. I am 20 years old and I work in a sweet shop, yeh I know. I have a great job. but when you live alone in a small one room flat that you can barely afford. I think its the best choice I have at the moment. My Dream is to be a singer. I know stupid right, but a girl can dream. my prize possession is my IPod that my Mum and Dad gave to me before they passed. it has lots of music and is filled with free games!


today is my lucky day I get to open the store AND stay there till closing time! my life is the best! I have just woken up from an amazing dream, I was riding on a lama-unicorn while eating a mega pack of Oreos! As I am about to go down stairs for breakfast when I remember that oh yeh I have no food, looks like it is straight to work for me.

(skip walk to work, opening of the shop and like half the day, what nothing happened)

some kids have just left the shop after buying nothing, ugh children these days. as I am about to go out back I notice five grown men coming towards the shop all. as they enter the shop I can only help but notice what they are wearing, one of the boys came in and came up to me and said "hello, I am a guy who has just come out of the cinema who is wearing..... a sombrero.... as you can see I have a friend in a fez, a friend with an eye patch that he doesn't need, a friend who is trying, but failing, to dress like a girl and a friend who thinks that he is Elvis, king of all music. what is your name?" (Pic of the boys somewhere round here)

I just nod and put one finger up as to say one sec, I grab a piece of paper and write the name is cross, summer cross. sorry I am not speaking I am a mute. do you have any Oreos?  i only write when i meet people or when i am shopping.he looks at me for a second and then says "Why are you a mute?" I pretend to zip my mouth up and then put my hand out. he looks at me, aha he knows what I want.

"come to mine and they boys house to night and I will give them to you." he says with a smirk

ah he got me i just nod my head as he gives my a piece of paper with his address. suddenly he jumps up and says "by the way my name is Horan, Niall Horan. get it cos that's what you did!" i just shook my head smiling.

"well i have to go, see you at 6?" he asked I shook my head and held up 5 fingers

"ok see you at 5 cross." I tilted my head to the side and furrowed my eyebrows. what did he mean by cross

"oh right that is what I will call you sometimes like harry is curly!" who the heck is harry?

he must of noticed my confusion "harry is the one in the crown, Louis is the one with da bow, Zayn is the on with the eye patch and Liam is in the fez" I nodded and shooed him out of the shop not before he shouted "see you at 5 summer!!!!!!!!"



summer is so pretty. the way her blond hair runs down her back in waves, and her eyes are the most icy blue i have ever seen they are remarkable. i wonder why such a beautiful girl would want to be a mute. maybe she was bullied, no she is to nice to be bullied. i don't know. i was pulled out of my thoughts by a hand waving in front of my face.

"OOOHHHHHH niall likes someone i can tell by his face!" yelled someone i could tell it was Louis

"oo oo who do you like?" harry screamed no they are on to me

"no one" i replied but i could feel my cheep burning up oh god am i blushing!!!!!


liam being the smart one just said "spill." so i told them that she was coming over tonight and they all squealed like our fans do. what have i gotten myself into

"ok i'll tell you about her."they all nodded so i carried on " she is the girl from the sweet shop, she has beautiful blonde hair and her eyes look like a frozen over lake they are such a light blue. umm oh and she is a mute!" they all just looked at me like WTF is it something i said.

suddenly they all shouted "Niall and Summer sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" you gotta love them. i look at the time. IT'S 4 O'CLOCK SHIT.






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