Nobody Can Seperate Us


1. Why Does This Happen To Me /:

Kylie's P.O.V.

My Boyfriend Cristiano had texted me to go to his apartment . My parents were gone , they went on a 3 month trip to Brazil. I had decied to go I quickly got dressed wearing a black croptop and a red-wine skirt I put on some black toms and headed out the door. I got into my car when I see a black car drive past by me with a lot of cops I didn't really pay attention to it. I drived straight to my boyfriends apartment , I got out of my car and knocked on his door he opened up the door and let me in. He grabbed my back and leaned me closer can closer to him almost like a hug me he turned me around and pressed his lips against mine. I felt like his hand was going lower and lower he grabbed my ass and I slapped his hand when …

He pressed his head against mine and told me " You're mine now and I get to do whatever I want with you. I got terrifed and I started runnning he then grabbed me and pulled down my skirts zipper and he pulled my croptop over my head I started to cry and he just kept on telling me to shutup or else he was going to hit me. I was feeling ill inside , my own "boyfriend" had rapped me and it really wasn't pleasnt I didnt like what he had done to me. He was sound asleep and I stood up from the bed and grabbed my clothes I put it on and was about to open the door when he yelled " KYLIE YOU BETTER NOT BE LEAVING COME BACK IM NOT DONE WITH YOU" I opened the door and startred running , tears were streaming down my face and I looked back to see if he was following me gladly he wasn't. I was about to turn around when I bumbed into …

* Guys this is my first chapter so please comment or ask questions also follow me on instagram @ashtonthesexslave I follow everyone back (:

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