Hate Love? Or Both?

This story is about a girl named Jenny, she is a 16 year old girl. She has long brown hair which goes right above her waist, she has blue eyes and a nice curvy body. She has a perfect family her mom, her father, and her older brother. When one day he family wants to move to Canada. Jenny is happy because she gets to see Emily her bestfriend. She goes to find Emily isn't so happy. She meets a group of guys in which they flirt with Jenny. How will she keep Emily happy? Are they the reason why Emily is sad?


3. first impression


*next day*

School sign ups where yesterday but I forgot to go, I will have to go today while the students are already at school.

I went to the bathroom and took a shower. As I got out I changed into white high wasted shorts with a grey crop top that said wild child, paired with my black converse. As I entered the office I looked out the window and saw Emily. I say on a chair and needed to use the restroom so I walked there. I saw the group of boys surrounding Emily. Then I saw Justin Bieber punch her and kick her. I ran to them and pushed them. When I bent down to pick her up I felt one of them slap my butt, it was justin.

"Don't touch me. And definatly don't touch Emily ever."

Justin grabbed Emily by her hair and pinched her arm.

"STOP! Leave her alone!" I yelled

"I won't let her go until you kiss me." He said

"Jenny please don't do it I'm use to being hurt like this."

When she said that justin told one of the boys to kick Emily's stomach.

As the boy walked over to Emily i felt sad so I finally spoke.

"Fine. I will kiss you just please let her go!"

"That's my girl." He said with a smirk.

He let Emily down and leaned down to kiss me I couldn't believe it. I was grossed out but his lips were very soft.

He wouldn't let me go and I needed to breathe.

He started to bite my bottom lip asking for entrance. I didn't let him so he pulled away.

*cleans off lips with clothes*

"Don't do that. You have to let my tongue in."

"No. That was enough disgust for the day." "Oh really?" He said raising his eyebrow. He walked towards where Emily was and pushed her toward the ground and then he started pulling at her hair while kicking her ribs.

"STOP! We can try again!" I said with tears in my eyes.

"That's right babe"

"Don't call me that" I snapped

He pulled me to him carefully and then he kissed me, he bit my bottom lip asking for entrance so I let him. His tongue was exploring my mouth and then he pulled away.

I cleaned my lips with my jacket sleeve and he just licked his lips and smiled.

"Oh my god your so hot and sexy."

"Shut up your a jerk and I hate you for doing what you do with your crew."

"Thank god your coming to this school now we will have a hot girl who isn't a slut" he winked at me.

"You guys are jerks."

With that I walked away with Emily and took her to her class. When I went inside the office my mom stared at her watch and looked at me surprised.

"You took 30 minutes out!"

"Sorry mom."

"It's fine honey lets go out to the house now." She said with a smile.

This is going to be a long year at school I thougt and then I took a big deep breath.

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