Me And Niall

A fan fiction about me and One direction and my bffl chelsea


2. One Direction

Niall's dick went in and out in and out. It felt so good. After 2 hours Liam came in handed me birth control and i took it and Niall got up got changed and i did to. Chelsea wakes up and harry is laying beside her. Chelsea screamed in her head. " hi harry. " She smiled. Everyone went out to the seats. Niall sat by me with his arm around me. i look at chelsea like omg! She smiles at harry. Liam puts on titanic. Niall,louis,zayn,Liam and harry start crying. I hug Liam Niall and louis. Chelsea hugs zayn and harry. As i hug harry and as i do harry grabs my butt and kisses me. I blush. Niall sits me back down and he french kisses me again. Niall and i make out on the bus. The guys look at us like um. "Heh sorry guys my girlfriends just so hot. " said Niall. I smile. " awe i wuv u Niall." We kiss again. Liam gets up and tells Niall to back off of me. " Liam she is mine i wont let anyone take her from me." I get up. " Liam u gotta chill."

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