Me And Niall

A fan fiction about me and One direction and my bffl chelsea


1. One Direction

My friend chelsea and i were walking down the street but suddenly one directions tour bus pulled up. Harry Styles walked out. Chelsea fainted. " she will be fine in a few hours." I helped chelsea inside the bus and Harry brung chelsea to his room. Niall Horran walked up to me and asked me to sit by him. I sat by him. Liam Payne got jealous. Niall held my hand and i blushed. Liam got up and sat by me and he held my other hand and kissed it. Niall french kissed me and liam got up and stormed to his room. Zayn looked at niall in shock." What?" Asked niall looking confused. " well you just kissed a girl you just met." Said zayn " well shes hot ok dont judge. " niall looked at zayn aggressively " just sayin bro." Niall takes me to his room romantically. I smile. Niall pushes me onto his bed. Taking my pants off while kissing me. His dick was 10 inches and as thick as a banana. I smiled. Niall bit my lip sexily and he entered my vagina i tried not to moan but it came out.

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