Loving someone is like honey, it's sweet and it can get you into a mess. By my mess wasn't golden, it was a web of lies, bloodshed and bitter tears. It's the mess that made my life. The life of Astoria Greengrass.


2. 【Chapter One】


A Few Years Before...


Hogwarts, vast with the windows illuminated by thousands of candles, like stars on the velvet sky. I looked up, past the rolling lawn and my breath was taken away; it happened every time, even now, I cannot stop my countless hours of admiration towards it. The drive lay like the Slytherin snake, so slyly lying in between the waves of apple-green grass; although the lawn was a dark green in the twilight moon. Lying back, with my head resting on his arm, it was bliss, a comfortable dream-like place where I gazed up into the sky, and the stars gazed back.

The forest behind us was dark, each tree was patronising; yet I didn't fear them, snuggled in his arms. There was a silence, but not a silence that weighed down on you, one that was both comforting and made me melt, further into the night. With his hand on my arm, he kissed my neck, I chuckled, as this was his way of playing with me, a kiss on the neck, a kiss on his lips. Yet, somehow, I refrained from moving, he just pursed his lips and I smiled at him. Innocently, I smiled.

The school was hung with fog, as the night pushed against the misted windows. He ruffled his dark hair, his Slytherin badge flashing as his arm moved to move his messy locks; it seemed to mean everything, his hair - even though his blood status was enough. But his eyes were the main feature of his face; they were deep and full of emotion. I saw all of this while he surveyed me, a smile playing on his thin lips.

Sighing, I disappeared into his chest; through my thin, muggle clothes, I felt his muscles, I felt his slow, steady breathing. He was thin, yet extremely muscular; his biceps never failed to make me swoon. His arm came over to move the hair from my face; my hazel hair was long and when I stood, fell usually to my waist. His eyes were light with amusement as I peered up at him; but his face sharpened with a fake mask of hurt.

I gave in to his angelic face, and watched as his neck came downwards, his lips puckering. Slowly, they were welded to mine, and I felt dizzy with admiration radiating from his warm eyes. My hands linked round the back of his neck, and trailed up into his perfect hair.

It was perfect, but not that perfect. The kiss missed that extra something... I'd only just found a flaw in the flawless moments we kissed. I felt a sudden feeling of disappointment, and he must have sensed it, because he pulled out and looked down at me. I blushed, averting my eyes down as my cheeks burned scarlet.

"What?" he asked, his face lining with concern. The light in his eyes was dimmed instantly, as if I had unethically snuffed the candle out. We exchanged a slow few minutes as I lay beneath him, my eyes glued to the distant figure of Hogwarts.

"Every thing's so perfect..." I said, my voice barely even a whisper. He laughed, relief flooding through him. Again - as it was a awful habit of mine- I blushed. I hated lying to him, he was my boyfriend and I told him everything. My worries, my ambitions, well, not everything. This coaxed a grimace as I peered up at him through my eyelashes, watching as he grinned crookedly at me.

"Oh, Astoria," he said, caressing my face softly. I took his hand and held it to my face, closing my eyes, "You had me scared for a second there!" I smiled weakly; he continued to grin my favourite crooked grin. The light returned to his eyes, and I watched it like a lost film, seeing it dance in his emerald eyes made me feel happy. It made us happy.


Hand-in-hand we walked through the large oak doors; we needn't be careful as it was ten minutes before curfew and there was still a few students coming from the depths of the Great Hall. He guided me through the Entrance Hall, up towards the staircase that situated half the room. We ascended the right side, then looked down and across the hall. I leant onto the gilded banister, the flagged stone floor was below, quite a distance, and the chandelier was fixated just before me. He still held my hand, his eyes sweeping my face with a small smile.

A group of Ravenclaw's were climbing the stairs; they were sixth year girls, each dressed in their school robes. The head of the group, a girl whom I recognised as Cho Chang, glared at me with her brown, corybantic eyes. I smiled, sweetly at her as they passed; but Cho Chang just flashed a glittering smile at my boyfriend. The tall, windswept seeker with his ripped muscles just looked back at her, her face fell and she picked up her pace.

After she had disappeared in the direction of the Ravenclaw tower, his eyes fell on me after watching her go. They were aglow with hilarity and he chuckled; pulling me closer to him; "Oh, what will I do; I have the prettiest girl in the school, and all the other girls envy her-"

I kissed him on the lips, pulling the kiss long and waiting for that burst of adoration. He liquefied into my arms and I waited, impatiently. His arms snaked around my waist, and I put mine onto his shoulders. Behind us, the Entrance Hall was empty, it was just me and him. His lips were soft, and his tongue prised apart my small mouth; I didn't feel it, I didn't feel it.

When we broke apart, I said goodbye to him, pecking him on the cheek. With a slightly disgruntled look on his face, he sauntered away, and began to descend down to the dungeons where the Slytherin Common Room lay. I watched him go, and smiled when he looked back over his shoulder, waving. Then, once he had gone, I set off for the Common Room.

We had been dating for at least five months, continuously sharing kisses, but we had never been on a real date. I was walking away from our first date, the excitement had turned to shame, disappointment. I had kissed him, but not enjoyed his soft lips against mine; it felt.. wrong. Which was odd in contrast to how I had irrevocably fallen in love with him so easily.

A blush burned my face as I meandered towards my bed. The corridors were deserted, as it was only a few minutes from curfew. Remembering this, I quickened my pace and before I knew it, I was in front of the Portrait. The Fat Lady glared at me, her eyes sharp and cutting into my skin; "Your nearly past curfew!" she snapped, but I just looked at her chastely and said; "Inferi."

At the sound of the password, the Portrait swung open reluctantly. Discreetly, I slipped into the Common Room. A wave of heat from the thriving fire in the grate greeted me home, gratefully, I walked forwards, aware of a cluster of figures in the three armchairs nearest the fire. A girl with long bushy hair was seated with her back to me, she was talking in a fast, sharp tone as the two boys before her - a boy with ginger hair and one with black hair and bright, green eyes- wrote quickly on a piece of parchment. Ron Weasley, with his short, tousled ginger hair, looked up as I collapsed into the fourth armchair. He smiled at me warmly, as did Harry.

Harry, Harry Potter, looked at me closely. I just stared at his forehead, where a few strands of his black hair was hiding his famous lightning-bolt scar. He frowned slightly, but my eyes flickered away and instead fell upon Hermione Granger. She glanced at me, as if I was nothing but a First Year who had decided to claim the last chair, however, when she noticed it was me, she squealed and faced me fully.

"Astoria!" she said, her eyes wide, "How was your date with Evander?!" Both Ron and Harry looked at me as I shrugged. Hermione pursed her lips, yet a smile was poking at her lips.

"It was good," I admitted, shrugging again. I focused at the fire, it was so many colours. Orange, like the sun, red like a phoenix, black like ink. I found myself repeatedly recounting the night's events; I tore my eyes away and looked back at Ron and Harry, who had gone back to writing. "What Homework now?" I asked, smiling.

Harry grinned, his face lighting as he noticed I had been watching him; "Oh, just some Potions-"

"Last minute." Added Hermione bitterly. She sat down abruptly, but her eyes rested on my face. The only sound was our breathing and the crackling of the fire. The fire-light danced across her face, illuminating it as she instructed what they should do next; "Now, you need to write about the properties, Ron, no, I know it's hard..." as I stood up to go, Ron glanced up and rolled his eyes at me.

I flashed an uneasy grin as I turned; thinking of the foot essay I had yet to conquer.


The Dungeon was stone cold. The air was heavy and weighed down on me as I walked along, my strides large. Hot on my heels was Harry, Ron and Hermione, although as usual Ron and Hermione were consumed by a heated argument. My footfalls echoed about the frigid space, my ears throbbing from their quarrel; Harry, who was looking dead ahead, spoke to me in undertone.

"Great; off Ron and Hermione go." I nodded in reply, as we joined the line of students waiting to go into the Potions Classroom. It made me sick how Hermione and Ron were continuously arguing, this time it seemed to be on Hermione's least favourite topic; Lavender.

"I thought you weren't doing Potions," I said to Harry as the Slytherin half of the class arrived. Draco Malfoy, in all his glory, was the head of the group, at his side stood his troll-like goons, Crabbe and Goyle. Crabbe and Goyle were thick-skulled and looked around, leering at us like we were cattle. Harry shot one glance at them, and I shook my head. Towards the back of the group was Evander, staring at us as we conversed quietly. Draco Malfoy, my blood boiled at his name, he was a smug git who didn't care about anyone but himself. With his white-blonde hair and cold eyes, he thought he could seduce any girl. 

"McGonagall told me and Ron to take it, apparently this Slughorn takes lower students for his Newt classes." Harry said this with evident disappointment, all I could do was shake with silent laughter. I had got high results in my OWLs, the same as Hermione, but I had got an 'Outstanding' in Defence Against the Dark Arts instead of a 'Outstanding' in Herbology. She hadn't liked that.

"Well," I said, drawing out the word in a long breath, "I guess it's good if you want to become and Auror." Harry looked at me for a while before admitting I was right. I watched as he turned and sighed. They were still arguing.

"Will you two pack it in?!" said Harry, irked. Hermione glowered at him, before sharply coming to stand by my side. Harry fell back to talk to Ron and Hermione opened her mouth to speak.

"No, you don't." I said quickly, before Hermione could complain about Ron and Lavender. They had been dating for a few weeks and it was clear this was bugging her. Ron and Lavender had only met up after a Quittditch party in the Common Room, I hadn't been there, I had been by the lake with Evander, watching the sunset.

Evander... My eyes snapped to him as his eyes wandered away from my face. His eyebrows were drawn down as if he was deep in thought. Hermione followed my gaze and her face went pale, her eyes full of concern. I was bound to come out in some way, whether I had Evander or another person who I was frankly oblivious too. 

I just wanted to love someone; I hate to sound dramatic, but I did. I had come to the earlier conclusion that I should give Evander a go, but my nerves had got the better of me.


Just to explain it for those who are confused, Evander Browning is Astoria's boyfriend. I know that this isn't especially effective, I just needed to make a time shift smoothly. It's not exactly a filler chapter either, more of a introduction. Thanks for taking time to read my story.

~Apples XD~


~ Dia

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