Loving someone is like honey, it's sweet and it can get you into a mess. By my mess wasn't golden, it was a web of lies, bloodshed and bitter tears. It's the mess that made my life. The life of Astoria Greengrass.


1. Astoria


Life comes and goes, but I don't get any happier. It's like someones deciding to put everything you love against you; that makes you shatter and your left picking up the pieces of your heart... Nothing could ever outlive that pain, or so I thought.

His wand slashed downwards once again, triggering my screams as he cried, "Crucio!" A hot, intense pain overwhelmed my helpless body as he laughed. He laughed as I shrieked and thrashed on the bloodstained floor. His torturing reopened those old cuts, letting my blood seep onto the white tiles of the kitchen floor. 

There were channels of my crimson blood, as thick and as flowing as rivers. I screamed, my mouth filled with the taste of my own cruor. I gagged as the pain agonize me. It was as if he had coated my body in acid, and forced Chlorine into my lungs. It burned, oh how it burned.

There was no one to save me, as the pain grew and grew. Shreiking, writhing, it all bought pleasure to him. Bruises, scars, all the marks of his angers. A small part of me was still alive, however, it felt like a very tiny fraction, It was badly scarred and sat there, with its arm in the fire. I closed my eyes as another wave descended after the other; it was an acruiating way to end my stay with them. He was gone, left me with his father; his father had locked the door and drawn his wand and shouted at me before-

"Crucio!" Another white-hot poker cursed my skin. It was five times the pain people had felt in Hiroshima, ten times the pain of death...

Lucius Malfoy glared down at me, he was enjoying this. Why shouldn't he? His son was dating a muggleborn and he was the one to 'put me in my place'. Draco hadn't expected his father to be home, he hadn't seen him since after the Battle Of Hogwarts. But Lucius was home and demanded an awnser; Draco had explained, and now I was in the land of uptmost pain. There was a loud bang on the door; I opened my eyes as Lucius made me scream loudly. The person behind the door beat their balled fists on the wooden door, yelling loudly. I couldnt hear him over my screams.

Draco. I looked over at the door as I shook again. He beat against the door, and I shreiked his name. Draco stopped and I screamed once again; his attempts at reaching me resumed and a fresh gash opened on my left forearm. Lucius laughed, as he began shouting at me once again. His wand stopped its string of unforgivable curses and he walked down and crouched beside me. He lifted a strand of my chestnut hair, damp with my blood, and moved it out of the way of my pale face. He leered at me, then pressed his lips against my ear.

"You think you can love my son," he whispered, his voice was heavy and his words pressed deep; "But he is a pure wizard, not a filthy mudblood like you. He deserves a proud pureblood, not someone who will corrupt our family with its dirty blood." I lay there, shivering as Lucius Malfoy's acrid breath scoured my blistered neck. His wand was in his left hand and he raised it threateningly, "You are not a witch."

"Bombarda Maxima!" The door was blasted off its hinges and a heavy dust fell on the kitchen. There was a scuffle as Draco ran into the room. He glowered at his father before there was a loud crack and the crone apparated. 

Draco ran to my broken body. I looked up at his face blindly, seeing it contort into a expression so hideous; it was pain. The pain I had felt moments ago, was nothing compared to the pain I saw through his sorrowful eyes. Those grey irises were engraved with a guilt, it ran so deep.


The sight of her made my heart shatter. Her white blouse was pink and soaked in her blood, her eyes glassy and watching me as I sat beside her. The muggle clothes, my jeans grew wet and warm from her gashes and I laid a hand on her face. Even her pale face was corrupted by welting bruises, her neck and left side of her face blistered. I gripped her left arm but she winced. Drawing my hand back I felt her blood, smothered over my hands.

Tears slipped down my face as I ripped a legnth of material from my shirt; the shirt she had bought me was blue, but ran purple as I wound it around her left forearm. It was my fathers idea of a sick joke.

A hand lay on my shoulder, and I looked up to see my mother, her face expressionless. I gazed at her, begging her to help. Neither of us could say anything. My mother knelt down, letting her emerald dress wetten in Astorias pool of claret. She drew out her wand, and Astoria flinched. 

My mothers eyes rested on me, her grey eyes weary as she stopped, suspended over my girlfriends tormented figure. Slowly, I bent down, "Astoria," my voice was lifeless, it was as if I was listening to a strangers voice, yet I continued to plead with her, "Please- Please, my mother will help." I moved back and I looked back at my mother, with her set jaw and vacuos face. Slowly, weakly, Astoria nodded. 


Please can I have some feedback on what you think of it, thanks to the people who have already voted (my ickle 6 votes x) and the guys who have commented :) And about typos, I know, there are many, but most the time I write on my Ipod and it is quite hard sometimes.

Updated Authors note, September 2013:

Hey, thanks to everyone who's reading this. I'm planning a sequel as I write chap. 28 (at the moment) and I've just recently posted the new Astoria/Drapple cover. I know It won't make any sense to you, but you'll find out how significant 'Apples' really is ;)

I just want to put out there that some of these characters are owned by my fellow wattpaders, myself and of course the brilliant J.K Rowling. 

Also, I would love if you held on to read the sequel and watched the new trailers that I made :3

~ Dia

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