The Twists of Fate

Loki is sent down by the Chitauri to prove his loyalty, and to learn more about the Tesseract He quickly finds much more than he bargained for, when he meets a bright, young scientist hand-picked by SHIELD to research the Tesseract for their own gains…

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4. Chapter 4

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Part 1: Dueling Guitars-Heitor Pereira (from August Rush OST)

Part 2: Mission Briefing-Jeff Broadbent (from Transformers: Dark of the Moon-The Game OST)

Part 3: Deciphering the Signal-Steve Jablonsky (from Transformers: The Score)


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Chapter 4


Part 1

Mary woke to the sun shining through her window, almost as if to nag her awake.  She groaned as she stretched her muscles and slowly opened her eyes.  Mornings were her least favorite time of day.  She looked out the window, and shielded her eyes from the bright sunlight. It was peaking over the crest of the snowy hills in the distance, and painted the sky with bursts of orange and pink.


Mary's house was on acres of property, with hills that cradled the valley her dwelling was in.  It was her own personal land, and there wasn't another house in sight.  She loved it here; it was perfect for her.  NYC was two hours away, in case she wished to socialize.  But when it came time for her to be alone, she could retreat to her own space.   Just in case she wished to have a drink or a good meal, she could go down to the bar a mile down the road.  Earl, the owner, even knew her favorite drink on a rough day; Jameson whiskey, on the rocks.


As if the land wasn't perfect enough; The house itself was amazing.  There were two stores, open and spacious.  The walls were paneled with wood, and gave Mary the feeling of being in a log cabin, which she loved. The first floor was a grand, open room with a kitchen, dining room, and fireplace surrounded with comfy couches.  There were no walls or doors to separate the rooms, just open space.  A small set of stairs led to the lofted upstairs bedroom, and the design was as similar as the floor below.  The only walls and/or doors that existed, were those that separated the bathrooms.  The master bathroom was a sight to behold.  A large, inviting bathtub that sat next to a large shower with a waterfall showerhead.  Mary spent many nights relaxing in that tub; she loved to soak herself and unwind from the day's havoc.  The best part about this house, were the countless windows facing the open hills that made up her backyard. The whole side of the house, was made of large, panoramic windows.  It didn't allow for much privacy, but she didn't need much of that; this was her own secret paradise.


Suddenly, pulling her from her thoughts, a large, hairy dog jumped on to her lap; attacking her groggy face with it's slobbery tongue.


"Sol!" she yelled out, annoyed by the abrupt wake-up call.  It was her golden retriever, Sol, greeting her as she always did in the morning.  She had named her Sol because of the Norse goddess of the sun, and her fur had been so golden, Mary thought it was perfect.


Sol pranced happily around as she greeted Mary and barked; as if to remind her that it was time to wake up.  Mary moved her body to stand at the edge of the bed, and she felt the cold, hardwood floor welcomed her feet.  It was just the jolt of energy her body needed to spring to life, and she started to get ready for the long day of work.


She showered, and dressed for the day.  Mary lacked the stamina to get fancy today, so she wore comfortable clothes.  One of the benefits of being a lab rat, she thought, as she slipped on her Nike's and zipped up the hoodie she was wearing.  She put on a sparse amount of makeup, before she headed down the stairs to grab a bite to eat.  


The kitchen had already come to life for her, and she smiled as she looked around what had been prepared.  A piping hot cup of coffee was waiting for her by the coffee machine, and the toaster beeped mechanically as it yielding a freshly heated bagel.  The whole house was on an automatic timer, all she had to do was set it up before she went to bed.  This had come with the set up that SHIELD had provided for her, but that didn't stop her from creating her own provisions.  Sol cantered up to the large, sliding door in the back of the house, and got up on her haunches to press a red button by the latch.  The door slowly opened, and Sol sped off to go find a place to do her 'morning duty'.  Just as she did that, a timer beeped above her food and water bowl, and a fresh serving of each dispensed itself.  Mary smiled as she observed her own personal creations; they had become most helpful, especially when Mary worked late.  She regretted not having lots of time to dedicate to Sol unless it was the weekend, but her creations had made her feel slightly better about leaving her dog everyday.  She had got Sol when she was in college for company, and SHIELD had been gracious enough to allow her to keep her.  Mary couldn't have been more thankful; the extra protection in this secluded house was nice.


Mary quickly grabbed her fresh coffee and bagel, added some butter, and kissed Sol goodbye on the forehead just before she left.  She strode out to her car, turned the engine on, and started to make her way to work.  Today was going to be a good day, she decided.  


Or so she thought....


Part 2

Loki woke to the chirping of an alarm by the bedside.  He automatically opened his eyes, and smiled.  Today was the day. Today he would see what all his hard work had gotten him.  He rose, without a complaint or quarrel, and made his way to the closet.  He opened the grand, double doors that lead to the clothes.  Rows and rows of elegant shirts, ties, coats, slacks, and shoes greeted him.  Quite a fabulous closet, Loki thought, for someone who enjoyed those of the female persuasion.   Maybe this is why Sanders had not found a spouse, he joked with himself, and couldn't help but snicker aloud.


He dressed and fed himself with haste; he couldn't waste time on a day like this.  He would have to make sure he arrived early, and prepared for the worst.  He grabbed the pieces of identification and made his way to the car parked in the driveway.  He sat in the car, and observed all of his weaponry.  The SHIELD badge, the phone, the wallet, and the gun.  He made sure everything was prepared, but he had forgotten one thing; his name.  There would be no way he would be able to carry the same name of the mortal that he had killed, so he would have to come up with something else.  The radio played in the background as he thought of a name.


"Congrats Liam, you're our ninth caller!" the voice on the radio said, as if it was a prayer answered by the gods.


Liam....Loki thought about the name, it would be close enough to his given name, but not close enough for anyone to recognize it.  He would keep his given last name, Laufeyson; no reason to change that, the mortals would be too stupid to realize where it came from.  He smirked as he thought about his name, it was too perfect....


He sprung the car to life, and moved in the direction of the SHIELD facility; it was time for a little fun.


Part 3:

Loki came to the entrance of the facility, and he turned the car sharply, anticipation rising by the second.  He could feel his heart race and his palms begin to sweat; he was about to do what SHIELD thought to be impossible, infiltrate their maximum security laboratory.


How ridiculous am I, he thought, getting flustered over tricking the senseless mortals.  They were nothing to him; they were miniscule in the light of his godliness, and they would bow to him.  They would worship him, just as soon as he had his hands on the Tesseract.  Then, the world would be at his feet, kneeling to their proper ruler.


As Loki rounded the corner, lost in his thoughts, another car began to turn into the entrance, almost hitting his front end.  He immediately braked, and there he sat, stunned into paralysis.  The blaring horn of the car he almost collided with the blaring horn of the car he almost collided with stirred him from his daze, and the driver made a rude gesture to him behind the steering wheel.


It only took a few seconds for Loki to realize who this coarse mortal was; it was the female that he had been watching just the night before.  How dare she, he thought, disrespecting him in such a way.  He was a God!  She will pay for her insolence, he thought, as he waited for the insulting female to pass him.


He could see the hostility smolder in her eyes as she turned to park, and as she walked up to the glass doors of the facility from her vehicle, she shot him one final glare.  A feisty one, she was.  He smirked as she walked through the door, placing her badge near a small, black box that 'beeped' when she did this. She disappeared down the white, corridor of the building, and then, at last, it was his turn to be on the move.


He parked effortlessly, and looked around to make sure the coast was clear.  He let a huge, deep breath into his lungs, and moved from the car to the entrance of SHIELD.  He followed the female's exact motions, moving his badge over the small, black box, and waiting for the beep of entry.  The door latch yielded, and he was in.  


He sauntered through the doors, demonstrating the confidence of one who belonged there.  He could see, farther down the hallway, that a pair of double doors had just closed.  That would be where the female disappeared, he imagined.  He began to walk down the long, hallway, until a voice stopped him in his tracks.


"Just a moment", a male voice said, and Loki slowly turned his head to find where the source of the voice was.  There sat a male guard, looking at Loki with confusion.  Damn, he had not planned for this.  


"And who are you?" the male asked him, inspecting every inch of Loki.  It took Loki everything in his power not to tell the mortal to mind himself, and kneel before him. But he remembered himself, and molded his smile into what looked like reassurance.  


"I am sorry", Loki said, smiling, "I suppose they didn't tell you.  My name is Liam, this is my first day".


"I wasn't informed of this", the mortal replied, almost robotically, "I will need to clear this.  What department are you headed to?"


" department", Loki answered, hoping this was the correct answer; he quickly recovered, "I am here to replace the prior leader of the operation".


The mortal paused, and this seemed to be the right answer.  "Oh Sanders!" he said ecstatically, "good, finally.  He was causing us enough trouble, I knew one day he would be let go; no worries, go ahead.  Sorry for the trouble, I'll get the issue fixed with your badge.


"Issue?" Loki asked, holding his breath.


"Oh", the mortal said, shrugging absently, "when you beeped in, you came up as Sanders, but its probably just a glitch. I'll get it changed, don't worry.  Good luck on your first day!"


"Many thanks" Loki said, casting the mortal a grateful smile.  He had done it, he was in.  Now came the easy part, to lead his slaves to ruin.


Part 4

Mary had already wanted to throw in the towel today; it had been enough.  She had almost gotten hit on the way to work by some idiot that she didn't even recognize, and he didnt even look apologetic.  He was lucky she didn't feel extra contentious today, or she would have given her a piece of her mind he would not have enjoyed.  He must be a corporate guy, she thought, as she entered in the lab.


Sanders' office was dark;  it looks as if someone was going to be late today, Mary thought.  She saw Warwick, sitting at his desk near the back of the room, giving her a look of distaste.  Linda and Gary came walking up to her as she entered, with looks of bewilderment.


"Where is Sanders?" Linda demanded, "have you seen him?"


"No" Mary answered, not expecting the sudden arousal as soon as she walked through the door.  Now she really wished she could turn around and go home.


"I believe I have answer to that" a smooth, accented voice said behind her, and she saw Linda, Gary, and Warwick eyes fix on what was behind her.  She slowly turned around, and looked at where the mysterious voice came from.  


Before her, stood the man that had cut her off in the parking lot; the one who had started her day in a downward spiral, wearing the same disgusting sneer he did when he looked at her this morning.

"My name is Liam Laufeyson", the man said, "and I am the new leader of this establishment".

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