The Twists of Fate

Loki is sent down by the Chitauri to prove his loyalty, and to learn more about the Tesseract He quickly finds much more than he bargained for, when he meets a bright, young scientist hand-picked by SHIELD to research the Tesseract for their own gains…

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1. Chapter 1

Hello Readers! I am posting this story because I have felt that it was high time for me to take a stab at a Loki fan fiction.  My other story, The Secret Passage, will temporarily be on hold until I feel a connection with it again.  As for now, I will be working on this story.


For those of you who have read my past work, this story will be a little different.  I have my best friend, Wordsmith, who will aid me in the editing and storyline for this work.  That said, my chapters may take some time till they are released.  But do not fear, faithful readers, this means that the work you are reading will be made with careful consideration. 


I also would like to take the author’s notes as a time when I may be able to  offer music suggestions when I see fit.  For this first chapter I listened to :

Part One: Maestro-Hans Zimmer (from The Holiday OST)

Part Two: Chaos is a Ladder-Ramin Djawadi (from Game of Thrones Season 3 OST)

These are suggestions to help along with the experience of reading the story.  You do not have to follow them, but they will make the journey more enjoyable.


Just to clarify, all characters and cross storylines belong to Marvel.


Happy Reading, everyone!


 Chapter 1

Mary Evans walked through the courtyard of her university, smelling the brisk autumn wind that whipped through her hair.  The twisted Oak trees dropped their golden leaves down to the ground, floating and fluttering in the chilled breeze all the way to the sidewalk, crunching beneath Mary's feet as she walked.  November, her favorite time of year; when the Oregon weather would turn colder and the leaves would paint the campus glorious shades of golden orange and blood red.  She breathed in a sigh of relief; she just completed her first midterm of the term, and she had a feeling she passed it with flying colors. Thermodynamics had always been her favorite subject, and she couldn't help but feel a burst of confidence at every step she took down the walkway.


The world was her oyster; she was going graduating early this term, with a Masters in Quantum physicals and a bright future ahead of her.  Her father had gotten her a temporary job as a receptionist in a doctor's office; it wasn't much, but it was a start for her.  She and her boyfriend were moving in together right after christmas, and she was almost sure that he was about to ask her the question.   She, of course, was going to say yes.


But, each day, Mary realized that her life in college was going to end, and what seemed to be a monotonous existence would begin. She had a deep sense of fear that lay within her.  She hated the unexpected, but how she loathed the predictable as well. She could see her perfect, fairytale life laid out at her feet, but was it what her heart truly wanted? Was this the life she wished to lead until her life ran it's course?


She shoved these silly notions out of her head, for that's all they were, the silly dreams of the little child still inside her that longed for adventure.  She had to grow up, she thought, she had to live the safe, traditional life she was destined for.  There are no magical endings for grown ups, she reasoned.


Consumed by the mental dialogue taking place in her head, she almost forgot where she was headed.  Mary shook her head and pulled her mind back to reality, remembering that she was headed to the Student Union, to meet with her best friend, Jill, for coffee.  She trotted lightly up the grand, marble staircase at the entrance of the drafty, brick Student Union.  The smell of roasting coffee and the musical sound of the grand piano tickled Mary's senses as she opened the large, cast iron doors.  Her heels made an echoey sound that danced around the yellowed, stone walls and up to the grand foyer ceiling that towered over her head.  This is is my favorite place on campus, she thought, as she smiled to herself while reflecting on the nostalgia these walls held.


As soon as Mary entered, she spotted Jill sitting at a small table by the coffee stand, waving enthusiastically at her.  Mary grinned at Jill, and rushed over to her to take the vacant seat at the table she sat at.  Jill immediately rose to embrace Mary; it had been many weeks since they had seen each other, much longer than what they were used to after living down the hall from each other in the dorms for several years.


"It has been way too long!" Mary said, placing her chin on Jill's shoulder as they embraced.


"Don't blame me for that" Jill said, letting go of the tight hold she had of Mary's shoulders, "you were the one who was all busy with school and David and what not".


"Psh, oh please" Mary countered, rolling her eyes in Jill's direction, "every time I texted you, you were up to something lame".


"Don't be rude", Jill huffed, as she masked a fake look a disapproval on her face, "just because you weren't involved in my plans doesn't make them lame".


"Thats what you think" Mary chided quietly. Jill slapped her shoulder in a joking manner.  The two friends laughed jovially together, enjoying the long-missed banter that their friendship always carried.


"So whats up with you?" Jill said, breaking off of her laughter, "how have you been? How are things with David?"


"Oh they are fine", Mary said, half-heartedly, "just the same old same old".


"So he didn't ask you yet?" Jill asked, urging Mary to tell her more.


"Nope" Mary shrugged nonchalantly, far too casually for someone who was looking forward to being engaged to their boyfriend.


Jill picked up on Mary's cavalier attitude rather quickly.  "What's going on?" she asked, "you seem indifferent..what are you not telling me?"


"I don't know what you mean" Mary retorted defensively.


"Sure you don't" Jill said, "Miss 'Cooler than a Cucumber' attitude when she finds out her boyfriend of 3 years is proposing!"


"What?" Mary said, chuckling at Jill's theatrics, "I don't want to get my hopes up, I guess".


"Liar!" Jill said, yelling at her suddenly and pointing a singular finger in her face; her actions bore a strange resemblance to those of Miracle Max's wife in Princess Bride. Many bystanders turned to look at the sudden commotion.


"Oh my god Jill...." Mary whispered, immediately turning her steadily reddening features away from view.


"Well don't lie to me", Jill said matter-of-factly, "then I won't have to call you out".


Mary sighed in defeat as she looked at her dear friend from across the table.  There was no hiding her true feelings from her best friend, she thought.  There was only one way out of this, and that would be with the truth.


"Fine" Mary said, with another sigh of defeat, "I've just been looking at everything that's happening, you know with me graduating and what not.  I just feel like everything is so planned out for me, and that it all feels so predictable.  I get the guy, the job, the perfect life.  I just wish I had...some sort of adventure. You know?"


Jill listened with careful attentiveness, her eyes were narrowed as she scrutinized every word that Mary had said.  There was one thing that Mary knew in talking to Jill, that she would only get full honesty, and nothing less.


"I just think you're afraid of the next step", Jill said, after some time of careful thought.


"How do you mean", Mary inquired.


"I feel that you are scared about what will come", Jill said, "and you're afraid of commitment and trust.  You always have been, remember when you first started dating David?"


How could Mary forget, she thought to herself, it seemed like it was only yesterday.  She remembered the late nights talking to Jill when they first met in the dorms, and sharing all of her fears and worries with Jill.  She was never one to easily trust, and David was no exception to that rule.


"I guess I could see that", Mary said, absent-mindedly staring at the cup of coffee Jill had gotten her; Soy Mocha, her favorite.


"It will be okay", Jill said, a comforting smile crossed her face, "just trust me, he is the right guy for you.  I can see it, we all can.  You will be very happy with him, and you guys will have a great life".


Mary looked up at Jill and returned her smile, at the same time her heart was screaming to be set free.




Mary and Jill finished their drinks, hugged their goodbyes, and went their separate ways.  As Mary walked towards her next class, she surveyed the scenery of the campus.  It was in between classes, and students bustled through the walkways, focused on not being late to their next class.


As Mary walked through the winding, concrete pathways through the old university buildings, she noticed a strange sight in between the trees that she had never seen before.  A man, in a suit, with sunglasses on his face, stood just a few feet from her.  The sunglasses made it hard to asses his facial features; he reminded Mary of the secret service agents that she had seen on the news.  He looked out of place, standing amongst the students as they rushed to their destinations.  What was more disconcerting to Mary was not his attire or appearance, but the fact that it looked like he was staring straight at her.


Mary paused, but only briefly; she didn't wish to draw attention to herself if he was not actually looking in her direction.  But as she continued to move slowly by the man in black, his gaze followed, unwavering.  Mary's pace quickened, in hopes of avoiding the man, but as the distance increased between her and the strange man, to Mary's dread, he began to follow.


Mary's mind raced, she was at a loss as to what to do next.  She didn't turn to look or flinch, she just kept walking, as if nothing was wrong.  She casually moved her hand to her right pocket, the small, cold case of her taser brushed against her fingers.  She grabbed it, and started to make her way to a secluded part of the campus.  She turned corners, went between buildings, and she would glance behind her as often as she could spare a glimpse.  Every time she looked, he was there.  She finally decided she'd had enough of this game of cat and mouse.  She turned on her heel, so suddenly that the man hardly had time to stop.  She swiftly removed the taser from her pocket, and held it at ready in her hand.  Whatever happened, she knew she wasn't going down without a fight.


"Alright, enough is enough" she declared to the mysterious man, "you have been following me this whole time.  What do you want?"


The man was stunned by her blunt approach, but he tried to remain as poised as he could.


"Miss Evans, my name is Agent Coulson", the man said in a smooth voice, "and I have a proposition for you".



Several months earlier.


Loki stood at the edge of space,  looking out at the stars and nebulas as he slowly traveled.  The land of the Chitauri was made of floating asteroids, and Loki sneered at the primitiveness of it all.  How nomadic they were, he thought, clustering on the abandoned forms of space rock; pretending to be a civilized society.  But this is why Loki had come here, this is why he had found this ancient species; he was destined to lead them.  He was there to show them the way to victory, to lead them as he before always longed to lead.


His father had told him he was born for greatness and that he was meant to become a king; and he would have ruled Asgard to greatness, if it weren’t for the moronic blundering of his oaf of a brother.  He had to come in and save the day, ruining all that Loki had worked for.  Loki felt his jaw tighten and teeth clench as his thoughts dwindled on his adopted brother; how he loathed the very thought of him.  All he had ever wanted in his life, was to be his equal; for his father to consider him worthy of the throne.  But his father had deceived him, and lied to him; he had never been Asgardian blood, and he had never had the chance to rule.  It would always be Thor, and Loki was meant to kiss the ground that oversized brute walked on.


Loki remembered the last memory he had with his non-brother and the man he once called father, holding onto his father’s staff, dangling over the stars and the edge of Asgard.  He had looked upon his father’s face, searching for a look of pride, a glimmer of hope; but the old man had only looked at him, his eyes hard with disappointment and his face etched with a look of shame.


“No Loki”, his father words echoed in his mind, “No Loki”.


They cut into Loki’s heart like a knife, still to this day.  His brother had called out to him as he released the staff, and fell into the never ending abyss.  He had not heard him, for all he could hear was his father’s voice....“No Loki”....


Now it had come to this, now it would all change.  Now it was time for Loki to take a new kind of throne, to lead the Chitauri into the pathetic Midgard, and to rule the primeval mortals and to smite them to the ground.  The world would burn, and the Chitauri would take the Tesseract.  The Chitauri had taken him from his endless fall, and would have killed him, if it were not for his silver tongue.  He had convinced them that they needed him, that he would get them the sacred Tesseract, and they promised him the revenge he always wanted.  Earth had been Thor’s weakness, for the woman he loved was there; Loki  grimaced at the thought.  How feeble this woman made him, and it was the one vulnerable place Loki knew he could strike, and make it count.  His brother had betrayed him, and it was his chance at revenge.  He would destroy Earth, and Thor’s truly beloved, and then, only then would he feel a sense of retribution.


“‘He’ does not feel you are ready”, a growling, gurgling voice came from behind Loki, abruptly pulling him from his thoughts.  Loki slowly turned, and the leader of the Chitauri stood before him.  He was cloaked, his eyes shielded from his hood, and a grand piece of Chitauri armor protected his chest.  A strange, haloed piece of metal graced his mouth, which was full of blood red teeth that showed as he spoke.  He was a disgusting looking creature, Loki thought.


“I don’t quite follow” Loki said, venom in his voice.


“‘He’ feels that you are not ready” the Chitauri leader said again, “and you must prove yourself worthy”.


Loki’s blood began to boil.  “What more must I do for you?” he spat, “to prove that I am ‘worthy’ of your armies?”


“You must live among the race of the men”, the Chitauri leader said, “and learn more of the Tesseract and it’s location.  If we wish to take the Tesseract from them, we must learn more about the disease of men, so that we may eradicate them and take what is rightfully ours”.


“And you expect me to do this!?” Loki said, his voice rising in anger and hatred towards the leader.


As fast as lightening, the Chitauri leader had moved to be just inches from his face.  Loki could smell his vile breath, and his red teeth glinted in the starry light.  The creature pointed a long, clawed finger up a lone set of steps that climbed up, as far as Loki could see.


“You do not wish to upset ‘Him” you?” the beast growled in a low, dangerous voice.  Loki felt his heart leap to his throat, and he sucked the air back into his lungs.  An emotion Loki hardly would ever express, was fear.  But this mysterious  ‘Him’ the Chitauri leader referred to always made Loki fearful.  He did not know why, but he knew it unwise to upset him.


Loki rose his voice, but in a more pleasant tone.  “I faithfully remain his servant” Loki said, his silver tongue being put to good use, he secretly hoped.


“Good, for ‘He’ will be watching”,  the leader said, “ gone!”


With these words, Loki felt a force push him from the rock where he had stood, and he began to fall through the never ending darkness once again.


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