It all starts with a dream

Mckayla Evie and Brooke have been friends for as long as they can remember, they have an...interesting dream and get sent as exchange students across the ocean everything is fine until they decide; being regular teenage girls, to go shopping with some new friends met along the way.


6. chapter 5/ Evie's P.O.V;

"Oh my gosh" I whispered "what do I do?!" I asked "well first you call him or text him to make sure it really is him dipstick!"Brooke said smirking I hit her arm "no I'm serious!" I insisted well we could always call him at my house or at lunch..?" Mckayla suggested

"I like that idea" i agreed after a while thinking it over the first bell rang signaling the first call was going to start in 7 min.

"Welllllllllllll I'm gonna go to class...wish me luck." Brooke said rolling her eyes at the thought of science our least favorite class. "Have fun with mr. Johnsrud..." I said winking -see he's kind of a pervert/non-physical rapist and looked down girls shirts I'll say... "Ya know what!? I'm leaving!!" She said withholding a smile and failing

"Common mikkiemay!"I said using one of my many pet names for Mckayla "we can't be late for math!!" Because we were already in the math hallway we got there with time to spare so I decided to text harry without telling Brooke or Mckayla, don't worry I'll fill them in later...

Me;hey..gosh your going to think I'm totally crazy but I had a dream last night where I got your number and saw I actually did in real life somehow...?

He didn't respond untill 3rd hr. When I have science, we were watching a video today and getting introduced to the first chapter we would be working on...I sit in the back so I texted him back right away.

Harry; hey the crazy thing is I believe your name evie by any chance??

Me; yes... And this is harry styles right I can't call you now but I will when I can so we can sort this all out... I have to go now I want to understand all this though

Harry; yeah it's Harry. I had a dream about you-all right I'm just in my hotel all day so I should pick up... I do to...

Just then mr.johnsrud walked by brushing my pen off the desk 'accidentally' "why don't you pick that up hmmmm?" He said I fakely smiled at him and turned to my table partner Sam, "hey could you pick up my pencil for me?"I asked him giving him a look I watched as his eyes flicked to mr.johnsrud and back to me as he nodded "thanks I owe you one"I said smiling at him "yeah no problem that guy is a creep!" Sam agreed

~skip untill lunch~

"Hey evie baby!" I herd mckayla say as I walked up a pretzel and a cookie in my hand I set down my food and water and threw my backpack on the floor sighing "what's wrong?" Brooke asked "well I was texting Harry...!"I said to them their jaws dropped open in surprise Brooke recovered first snapping her self back to normal "we'll let me see!!" She said excitedly I handed over my phone and started on my pretzel laughing when I saw her facial expression change multiple times in the short conversation she was reading "me next?" Mckayla asked "sure!" I replied we were eating peacefully joking about how Harry and I would fall in love and get married and have children when our names were announced over the loud speaker

"WOULD MCKAYLA ARMBRUSETR, EVELYN NIGON AND BROOKE FLIECK PLEASE REPORT TO THE FRONT OFFICE.THANKYOU. " we all looked at each other confused "what if we got picked for that stupid drawing?!" Brooke joked referring to the exchange trip that was available to sign up for you basically paid some thousand dollars and put your name on a slip of paper along with two others invade you were drawn that would then go with you to Europe as exchange students...she was joking because there's a 900 to one ratio that one of us would be drawn I discarded my leftover bottle and wrapper on the way out of the cafeteria we walked laughing to the office and burst in to see Molly the young...and only nice person working in the office at the front desk "hey girls go right on in!" Sh told us pointing to the principles door we smiled and nodded in response looking at each other nervously all joking aside from before Mckayla reached for the Handel first and swung the door open whet mr.prigge was waiting for us in front of him was a single slip of paper and three apple laptops spread to the length of his huge desk evenly spaced.

"Ahhh girls! Don't look so scared! Be excited and happy if anything! Brooke! You were picked for the exchange drawing and having Mckayla and Evie's names as your accomplices I would like to congratulate you on being picked!" It was silent for a while finally it regestered in my head...we were going to Europe...that might mean meeting Harry, in person-I don't think I'm ready for that...

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