It all starts with a dream

Mckayla Evie and Brooke have been friends for as long as they can remember, they have an...interesting dream and get sent as exchange students across the ocean everything is fine until they decide; being regular teenage girls, to go shopping with some new friends met along the way.


4. chapter 3/ mckaylas P.O.V;

Mckayla a P.O.V;

How the hell did you end up getting Harry STYLES's number?!i whisper shouted at evie once she took Harry off speaker phone and started chatting with him for a bit she just shushed me putting a finger up for me to wait. I looked at Brooke who was surprisingly quite during all of this and dhow just looked at me raised her eye brows and shrugged

"Are you flipping crazy?!I'm not coming alone!!" Evie said to Harry. My attention turned back to the phone conversation "ohhhh ok yeah I'll tell them. At the Radison room 119-127?" Evie asked I was pretty sure I was about to explode right then " mmmmmhmmmm sure ok see ya!" "Yep bye!" I hung on to every word immediately when she hung up I asked her what was happening

"Uh guys? We're going to hang out with one direction today" she said smiling nervously "ARE YOU FRICKEN SERIOUS!?!?!" Brooke yelled a little too loudly, see we were all pretty much directioners but Brooke got me and evie started on them.

"Uh yeah we have to go... Soooo?" Evie said motioning to the parking garage where I parked "oh right! Let's go!" (The Radison is right next to the MOA-so skip the at ride we whet to the front desk who had apparently herd we were going to be there because he got another young looking guy to take us to one of the top floors (for some reason the higher up you get the lower the room numbers?) I ended up being the one to knock it flew open showing a tall brown haired boy with some sort of a beard or what ever you want to call it-"hello!come in!" He said giving us a warm smile and stepping away so we could go in /lots of people would think he's a kinda cute stranger but to me he's Louis Tomlinson.

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