It all starts with a dream

Mckayla Evie and Brooke have been friends for as long as they can remember, they have an...interesting dream and get sent as exchange students across the ocean everything is fine until they decide; being regular teenage girls, to go shopping with some new friends met along the way.


3. chapter 2/ Evie's P.O.V;

Evie P.O.V;

I blew Brooke and Mckayla a sarcastic kiss and turned back to step forward next to the guy he glanced at me before going back to the hats

"You know these are woman's beanies? right?" I asked him "yeah I know, I'm looking for a present"he told me giving me a small smile "girlfriend?" I asked pressing further "close, actually my friends girlfriends birthday is coming up..."he said "oh..." I wasn't sure how to respond to that so I left our conversation at that it was silent for a while until Brooke called my name motioning that we should leave. I nodded and turned back to him.

I was about to ask for his number when he stopped me. "Hey, before you leave, could I have your number?" He asked flashing a perfect smile. "Oh, sure!" I said a little too enthusiastically when it registered my mind "here's my phone" he said holding it out for me "the password is 8569" he added "here's mine I said placing my gold iPhone in his outstretched hand

A/N: sorry was having some troubles with the iPad...don't worry I fixed it(: keep reading lovelies!-Xx

"password is 7458" I told him he unlocked it as I did his. I decided to be a flirt and saved myself as 'that hot chick from the mall{evie(;}' I have it back to him and he gave me mine. "So I'll see ya around yeah?" I asked smiling "yeah, thanks" he replied. He turned to go and that's when it hit me, he was British!?! How the heck did I not realize he was flipped british?!?! I looked down and saw had a text from 'Harry;)' I don't know a Harry...? Oh wait that's Harry I thought as I turned to look at him but finding nothing, he had vanished it seemed.I looked at mckayla who finally got my attention, "so who was he?" She said smiling at me "your not gonna believe this..." I told them "it was Harry styles..." They both looked at me trying to hold back laughter "No way"Brooke said between giggles "yes!guys I'm telling the truth!!" I insisted "prove it" Mckayla countered smirking I stared her down then called him "hello? I realize I'm irresistible but why are you calling me?" He answered "I had to tell my friends! And now they don't believe me!" It old him "ok what are their names?" He asked I looked at them to see their mouths hanging open in awe "uh I'm Brooke, the green eyes one"she said referring to the picture I had sent "and I'm Mckayla, erm... I have blue eyes?" Mckayla said looking at me "oh well then Brooke, Mckayla... Hi! I'm Harry Styles!"

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