The 1st annual Hunger Games

The very first time the Capitol hosted the inhumane slaughters of young people, they only picked children of District 13. The price for being left alone. A price District 13 was willing to pay. (HungerGamesCompetition, word count; 3052)


4. Chapter 4




After the Parade we had been brought back to out cells, but while we had been gone, small televisions had been installed. It was a television show. This entire thing. They had captured all the rebel leaders from all the Districts, only a few of them managing to get away in time, or had died before the Capitol soldiers had gotten to them. We were all to participate in a game - a tournament to death where life was the prize that would befall only one person. 

But there were special rules concerning us kids from District 13. We were the 'game'. If a 'tribute' - as they called us - from one of the other twelve killed a tribute from 13, a years worth of some kind of crop would be bestowed on their District. They were fighting for the lives of their people. 


  After the parade, a Capitol worker had explained some more rules to us from District 13. We were to fight for our lives, just lives, and if one of us was the last person standing, we would be bestowed citizenship in the Capitol, and be allowed to live a normal and peaceful life. 

On the other hand, if we simply hid away and refused to 'play', our bracelets and the chip in the back of our neck would activate after 48 hours and electrocute us 'till we died. 


       I stayed up half of the night, consoling Bree, speaking to her until she cried herself to sleep. After she had become quiet, I curled up on my highly uncomfortable bed and silently cried to myself. 



        Every day, at the same time, the TV turned on by itself, and we were forced to watch the program, as they spoke about our impending deaths, grading us, giving us scores based on the scientist opinions.

I got a 7. The highest being 12. Bree had gotten a 4, and it concerned me. As much as I feared for my own life, I couldn't help but dread Bree's future. I couldn't help but imagine her getting murdered brutally right in the beginning of the game. Initially I had decided I would just give up, and let one of the rebel leaders kill me, so that some District would at least profit from my death. But now I knew I had to stay alive, so that I could keep Bree alive. 

I just didn't have any idea how I was going to succeed in keeping both of us alive. 


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