The 1st annual Hunger Games

The very first time the Capitol hosted the inhumane slaughters of young people, they only picked children of District 13. The price for being left alone. A price District 13 was willing to pay. (HungerGamesCompetition, word count; 3052)


3. Chapter 3



         It was about a month later when they put the bracelets on us. One on each foot and hand. First the bracelets and then the chip, which they inserted in the back of our necks. They told us that the bracelets were connected to a data-base somewhere in the Capitol; firstly they were tracking devices, so if we ever had the idea of escaping, they would find us easily. And secondly, punishments devices. If we acted up, the Capitol-workers could switch on the bracelets, and they would release electric currents that could be adjusted.  

It was scaring me. Something was happening, and soon.




                 A week after we had received the bracelets they brought us out. My hands and feet had been 'tied' together by the bracelets, and I was placed in a glass-tube, with a little cart underneath. There were three armed guards leading the electronic cart. 

I was brought into an enormous hall, all the others lined up and I was placed next to a boy around my age. On either side of the hall there were high stands, filled to the brim with people. Very colourful people. 

"Ladies and Gentlemen, good evening, and welcome... To the Hunger Games!" A voice boomed, and the crowd went wild.  I don't know if any of the others realised it, but I sensed that these people were Capitol citizens, and that they were here for enjoyment. And we were quite clearly the entertainment. 

"Tonight we have the first round. Over the course of the last few weeks you have seen how we have prepared all our tributes, and in the middle of the room, here they are, all our tributes from District 13!" Again the crowd screamed, but this time the cheers were angered, and many people practically booed.

    "But as we all know, these aren't all our tributes, so lets give a warm welcome to; District 1!" The audience went wild as two adults restrained adults were brought in. "District 2!" Another pair came in, a man and a woman, "District 3!" They kept coming as the announcer called out every District one by one. Many of them were people I recognized, but I couldn't pin-point where from. 

"District 11!" I gasped when the pair rolled in. I immediately recognized the one of the rebellions leader from District 11. Glancing back down the line I realized that all the pairs where rebel leaders from their respective District. I recognized them all as extreme rebels - people I had grown up admiring. 


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