Only Divergent

This is a story. A story written in prose.
A story based on Tris and what life may have been like for her after she found out she was Divergent and what Edith Prior wanted the city to know.
There are parts combined from the three books but as it is a Divergent Fan fiction I hope this doesn't matter.
Sorry if this is a really confusing description.


5. The Truth

A man approaches

Slowly and haltingly.

I look to Tobias and

He shouts out



Respond the man does not,

Ignoring his voice

And turning to us all,

A picture of complete mess.


Anyone who is labelled,

(He said labelled),

A Divergent

Step this way.


And we were led into a small room

Where we sat

And waited

For news of the others.


Bang! Bang! Bang!

Thud! Thud! Thud!

The sound of guns

And the sound of death

Fill my ears.


I jump up

Look through a window

To see my friends

Lying on the ground.


I scream

A hand clams down

Upon my mouth

Like Tobias used to do

With his mouth.


They were damaged

And I was normal.

But they were my friends

And I couldn’t save them.


What is Divergence

If I can’t be brave

And selfless,

If I can’t be knowledgeable

And kind?


I am only Divergent;

Nothing important,

Nothing special.

Only Divergent

After all.


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