Only Divergent

This is a story. A story written in prose.
A story based on Tris and what life may have been like for her after she found out she was Divergent and what Edith Prior wanted the city to know.
There are parts combined from the three books but as it is a Divergent Fan fiction I hope this doesn't matter.
Sorry if this is a really confusing description.


3. Escaping



People turn,

People run,

Towards the fence.

Towards freedom.

Somewhere we can help

And truly be ourselves.


The voices echo in my ears.

The wisps of conversation

That hit me like a bullet.

Prompted me to share

That someone had

Much they are happy to forget.


What does this mean?

Should we really escape

And face the unknown?

Is that wise?


I don't know,

Not yet anyway.

All I know is

I am Divergent

And that is important;

It make me different.


The people,

They run

And I am swept along.

No choice have I

As to where I go.


I must follow my city,

I must stay true to my faction.

I must show who I am,

That I am strong.

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