Alexis & Niall? The definition of perfect. They were never fighting, and never without each other. That is... until the day he left for the X-Factor. Now, 3 years later, Niall returns home. And Alexis has a surprise for him. What's the surprise? Lindsey Nicole Horan. His daughter he never knew about.


6. Chapter 6

~~I sighed, sitting in the chair. Niall rubbed my back in circles, “It's gonna be okay. She'll be fine.” I nodded, “Niall.. this is crazy.” He looked down at me, “What?” I looked up at him, smiling, “This. Just, you, me... Lindsey.” He looked up, “What do you mean, babe?” I smiled, “You haven't been here for 3 years... you didn't even know about Lindsey before you came here. You put your life, basically on hold, for... for us.” He smiled, “It's family. I'm gonna do anything for my family.. And that's a promise.” I smiled, kissing his cheek. “Lindsey Horan?,” the nurse asked, looking up from her clipboard. We both stood up. She smiled, “Right this way.” We followed her into a large room. One Direction & Justin Bieber posters were up on the wall. I laughed, grabbing Niall's hand. The nurse smiled, “Alright, the Dr. will be in shortly.” “Thank you,” Niall said, smiling. She nodded, walking out and closing the door behind her. I looked at Lindsey. She still wasn't awake from the medicine they gave her. I sighed, sitting on the chair beside the bed. Niall grabbed my hand, then pulled me up, sitting down, and then let me sit in his lap. I put my head in the crook of his neck, as he kissed my forehead. I interlocked our fingers, and I felt his heartbeat. He was silent, then said, “Alexis, will you be my Princess again?” I nodded, smiling, “I thought you would never ask.”He smiled, then leaned down, kissing my lips. I heard a faint cry. I looked up and saw Lindsey opening her eyes and softly. I smiled, “Baby.” She looked at me, and Niall. Her voice was a faint whisper, “Mommy...” Niall got up, lifting me up to my feet. He bent down, “How ya feeling, love.” You could tell she wanted to cry, “Daddy... I want to go home.” You could tell the pain behind his eyes, “I know you do, baby.. I know you do.” He ruffled her hair, and sang softly in her ear. She reached up, wanting him to hold her. I shook my head, “Ni, you can't hold her.” He nodded, sitting up, “Imma go call the boys.” I nodded, “Okay..” He walked out the door. I smiled, sitting beside Lindsey. She sat up a little, and looked at me, “Mommy?” I looked at her, “Yes, baby?” She looked into the hallway. Her little eyes saw Niall pacing back and forth talking. She looked back at me, “Mommy.... is Daddy coming to our house?” I smiled, “I dunno, babe. I bet he would love to. But he's still a part of One Direction. He has a job, and that means going on tour, and singing for thousands of fans, just like you.” She nodded, looking down. I sat beside her, wrapping my arms around her, “So, I think Uncle Harry's coming to visit you.” She smiled, “And Uncle Liam?” I nodded, “I think so.” Niall smiled, “Linds, guess who's coming to visit you?” She smiled, “Uncle Liam?!?!” He laughed, “Yup. And everybody else. And a special little girl I want you to meet.” Her face lit up, “Who?!” He shook his head, “I can't tell you that, babe!” She pouted, “Aww.”
About 10 minutes later, the boys arrived. Louis was carrying a little girl, about 3 or 4 years old. He smiled, “Lindsey, this is baby Lux. Lux, this is Lindsey. I think you two are going to be good friends.” Lindsey smiled, “Hi, Lux.” Lux waved, shyly, “Hi..” I smiled, “Aww. Hi, Lux,” I said, walking over to her. She smiled, “Hi.” I reached out my arms, “Can I hold you?” She nodded, reaching for me. I picked her up, and walked over to Lindsey. I sat down on the edge of the bed, telling Lux about what happened to Lindsey, “We were watching Uncle Louis and Uncle Harry and Zayn and Niall and Liam sing, and Lindsey wandered away from me. And she got pushed down because she's small.” Lux nodded, pointing at her leg, “Why is her leg purple?” I nodded, “Because she has a cast. Do you want to write your name?” She nodded, smiling, “Can I?” I nodded, “Sure!” I handed her a sharpie, as she drew a smiley face. I wrote “LUX,” beside it. Lux smiled, “Uncle Liam, look!” Lindsey folded her arms over her chest. Niall walked over to her, crouching down beside her bed, “What's wrong, babe?” She pouted, “That's MY Uncle Liam... NOT her's!” He laughed, “Why can't you two share?” She sighed, “I'll try...” He kissed her forehead, “Okay. Good, baby.”

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