Alexis & Niall? The definition of perfect. They were never fighting, and never without each other. That is... until the day he left for the X-Factor. Now, 3 years later, Niall returns home. And Alexis has a surprise for him. What's the surprise? Lindsey Nicole Horan. His daughter he never knew about.


5. Chapter 5

Harry was the one that stayed calm, “Guys, calm down! Lindsey? Can you hear me, sweetie?” I cried, rubbing my eyes. I felt Niall touch my arm, I turned around, “Did you find her?” He shook his head, “Not yet.” I fell on the grass, sobbing. He hugged me tight, “Shh. It's okay. We'll find her.” I gripped his shirt, crying into his chest. He rubbed my back in circles. I heard fans yelling, “Lindsey? Where are you?” I got up, running, frantically searching for my baby girl. Niall went the other way. Zayn talked into the microphone, “Lindsey, if you can hear us, please come up to the front of the stage. Mommy's really scared. She can't find you.” I heard a little voice. I turned around, “Lindsey?!” I turned around and saw Lindsey on the ground, crying. I ran over to her, “Lindsey! Oh my God. Thank goodness you're okay!!” She cried, grabbing her leg. I looked at it. It was all covered in blood. I picked her up, trying to find Niall. He finally found us. I looked at him, “I'm taking her to the hospital, she can't move her leg.” He stopped me, “I'm going too. We can get a police escort. PAUL!!!!!” A tall, bald man wearing a black outfit ran to us, “Yeah?” He looked at him, “Get the police. Tell them to drive us to the closest hospital. My little girl's hurt.” He nodded, directing us in the direction of the police cars. Lindsey screamed, “My leg hurts!!” She reached for Niall, and he quickly grabbed her, “Shh, it'll be okay, baby.” We finally made it to the car, and we were rushed to the hospital. I looked at my reflection. I looked horrible. I sniffled, “Niall?” He looked up from her, and looked at me, “Yeah?” I smiled, slightly, “Thank you... I... I love you.” He smiled, “I love you, too.” He looked down at Lindsey, “It'll be okay, babe. I promise.” He took off his necklace, and wrapped it around her neck, “It's a good luck charm.” I looked at it, “Is that the necklace I gave you for your birthday?” He nodded, smiling, “Yeah, I kept it.. for good luck.” I smiled, and we stopped at the hospital. The nurse grabbed Lindsey from Niall's arms. I tried to run after the strecher, but the nurse stopped me, “I'm sorry, you can't go in there. They have to do surgery.” I shook my head, “NO! SHE'S MY BABY! I'M GOING IN!” Niall grabbed me, holding me by my waist, “No, you can't.” I turned around, looking into his eyes, my voice just at a hushed tone, “I can't loose her.... Niall. I can't...” He nodded, crying also, “I know, babe. I know.”


(A/N: Hellooooooo Lexie's Loves!!<3 Bad news.... I can not post more until Sunday.. Read my mumble for more info. LOVE YOU GUYS THO!!!)

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