Alexis & Niall? The definition of perfect. They were never fighting, and never without each other. That is... until the day he left for the X-Factor. Now, 3 years later, Niall returns home. And Alexis has a surprise for him. What's the surprise? Lindsey Nicole Horan. His daughter he never knew about.


2. Chapter 2

I felt my face turn red. Lindsey looked at me, “Mommy?” I bit my lip, and continued looking at the TV. By this time, the interviewer was talking about some surprise. Louis looked at the camera, “The surprise is that we are going to be in Ireland, next Friday!! Which is in 2 days, you guys! It's a free concert at the park in Dublin, and we want all our Irish fans to be there!” Lindsey's jaw dropped, and she jumped up and down, “MOMMY! MOMMY!! MOMMY!!!!!! WE'VE GOT TO GO!!!!” I nodded, “Sure, baby. Just let me call Aunt Adri.” She smiled, “Yay! Aunt Adri!!”

I grabbed my phone, and called my best friend, Adriana. “Hello?,” she asked, picking up the phone. I looked at the TV, “Since when are you dating Niall?!” She laughed, “Oh, since about 3 months before he left.” I felt my throat clump up, “But... but... I was dating him.” She gasped, “Oh.. yeah. Because y'all made Lindsey.” I nodded, looking at her, “Yeah. She loves him, and she doesn't know he's her father. And since you're dating him, I don't know how to tell her! Or him!!!” “Oh, he doesn't know?,” she asked, eating something. I nodded, “No, he doesn't. And he won't reply when I text or call him.” She laughed, “Babe, he got a new number. Here, I’ll give it to you.” I hung up, and she texted me his number. I sighed, “It's now or never.” I saved his number, then texted him, while Lindsey danced around to 1D.

To: Niall James Horan

Hey, Niall. It's Alexis Smith :) x How are you?

I ran my hands through my hair, “Dear Lord. Pleaseeee let this work.” I heard my phone ring, as I looked down.

From: Niall James Horan

Alexis??? Oh my God! I've missed you so much!!!<3 I'm good! Just got done with the interview. How are you??(:

I smiled, “He remembers me,” I mumbled, softly. I looked at Lindsey, “Hey, baby. Do you want to meet a friend of mine?” She nods, “Sure, Mommy.”

To: Niall James Horan

I missed you, too!! :) I'm good. Hey, you should Skype me. I have somebody I want you to meet.. x

I grabbed my laptop, logging onto Skype.

From: Niall James Horan

Sure, I'll call you now x

“Lindsey, come on,” I said, smiling. She walked in her room, getting her stuffed bear, and I heard the Skype ringtone play. I saw his name pop up on my screen. I smiled, answering the call. His face appeared, “Oh my God....” I smiled, “Niall!!!!!” He smiled, “Hey!!!” I held back tears, “God, I missed you so much!” He smiled, “I missed you, too! Okay, who'd you want me to meet?” I looked at Lindsey, who was standing a little away from the camera. I sighed, “Hey, Niall.. do you remember the night before you left for X-Factor?” He smiled, “Duh! How could I forget? A night that changed our lives.” I nodded, “Got that right, Ni. Umm... Niall, I want you to meet somebody.” He smiled, “Okay, well get on with it, woman!” I smiled, “Lindsey? Come here, sweetie.” She looked and sat in my lap. She gasped, “Mommy! It's Niall!!” His face got pale, and his jaw dropped, “M-M-Mommy? W-what does she mean by that, Alexis?” I looked down, “Niall, this is Lindsey.. Lindsey Nicole Horan.. Your daughter.”

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