Alexis & Niall? The definition of perfect. They were never fighting, and never without each other. That is... until the day he left for the X-Factor. Now, 3 years later, Niall returns home. And Alexis has a surprise for him. What's the surprise? Lindsey Nicole Horan. His daughter he never knew about.


1. Chapter 1

“Niall, I love you,” I said, in between tears.

He looked at me, touching my face, “I love you too, princess. Don't cry. I'll be back.”

I nodded, sniffling, “What if you forget me?”

He laughed, wiping my tears away, “I won't. I promise.”

I smiled a little, as he pushed my bangs behind my ear.

“Now give me one last kiss,” he said, smiling.

I pressed my lips to his, as his cold fingertips rubbed circles on my back.

His older brother interupted, “Niall.. you gotta go.”

He pulled away, giving me one last hug, “Bye, love.”

“Bye,” I said, my voice just in a whispered tone.


I sat up in bed, heart pounding like a drum. I looked around at the empty room. I fell back to the pillow, looking at the clock. 5:30. I sat up wiping my eyes. Another dream about him. What does this mean?! I sighed, getting up and walking into the bathroom. I took off my clothes, and put on my outfit.


I walked into Lindsey's room, and saw her sitting in her bed, playing with her stuffed animal. I smiled, turning on the light, “You're up early, babe.” She smiled, “Mommy!” I smiled, sitting down on her bed, “Hey, baby. Ready to get ready?” She nodded, “One Direction! One Direction!” I laughed, “Okay, go turn on One Direction.” She ran to her CD player, and played Midnight Memories. No, I have never told her about her father, Niall Horan. Why? Because I want her to have a normal childhood, and I doubt he even remembers me. He doesn't even know we have a child. I am not planning on telling him. I tried texting and calling him, but he never answers. I don't want my child growing up around 5 idiots who are too immature to take care of themselves. Much less a child! I snapped out of my thoughts, and helped her get ready. She smiled, “Mommy, I like him!,” she said, pointing at Niall. My heart pounded fast, “Really, baby?” She nodded, “Yes, Mommy!!!” I laughed, and grabbed the picture from her, “That's awesome.” She smiled, running into the living room and turning on the TV. Good Morning America was on. I walked to the kitchen, pouring her some juice in her cup. She ran into the kitchen, “Thank you, Mommy.” She bounced into the living room, and smiled, “MOMMY!! LOOK!!” I walked in the living room and saw Niall, Liam, Louis, Zayn, and Harry. They were preforming “Story of My Life.” I walked in just intime for Niall's solo. I gulped, as he looked straight into the camera. I closed my eyes, taking a deep breath in. After the song ended, they did an interview with them. Of course, Lindsey wanted to watch it. The interviewer smiled, “So the question we're all wondering, is.. who's available?” Harry raised his hand. Niall, Louis, Liam, and Zayn didn't. I stared at the TV, turning the volume up. Niall smiled at the floor, biting his lip. The interviewer smiled, “Ooh, Niall. What about you tell us a little about the girl?” He smiled, looking at the camera, “Well... she's back in Ireland. I've loved her since.. about the 7th grade, but was too shy to tell her how I felt until 4 months before I left to go on X-Factor...” I smiled, “He remembers....” Louis smiled, “Well that's just too cute! What's her name, Lover Boy?” He laughed and smiled, “Her name is Adriana Kelly.” My jaw dropped.. My best friend... not me. He.. he forgot about me.

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