When 19 Year old Jamie Adnnderson Gets excepted into a college in New york city, She is forced to leave London her boyfriend Zayne and her Familey...


2. High School

                                                        Jamie's P.O.V

I walked In like any other student and stood by the teacher's desk like all the new kid's do.

"Um Hi...?" Said the teacher " Hello I'm Jamie!" I said excitingly

"Yes,Yes I Know and now I would like you to take you're seat madam"  She said 

I look at her and she looked down. I walked by a Pretty tall Blonde haired Girl, As I did  Walk by

She put her feet on the chair next to her. "Um Hi I'm Jamie And-"Yea yea you're new"

"Exactly" I said "Ok well I'm glad we  Can Comprimise now sit in the  Back!" She said

"G.r.o.s.s" I thought to myself... It was dark back there and so.. Lonley. A girl sitting in that desk.

She had short blonde hair (Shoulder lenghth) With black highlight's. I slowly walked down

The row of desk all  the way to the very very back. And there she was "Hello!!" Um gross i swore I could smell The tuna Casaroll her mom cooked for dinner 2 years ago. "Hi I'm Jamie you must be?"



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