Harry always felt empty, even when the boys were around. When a new girl named Lucy moves to his school during senior year. He fancies her, but his school rivalry tries to take her away from him. He realizes her talent, and she realizes his. What will happen?


1. New Girl

"Lucy" I snapped out of my thinking, and turned towards my brother Dylan

"Yeah?" I asked and he chuckled, shaking his head

"I may be younger, but im a whole lot smarter" He spoke and i furrowed my eyebrows

"Little Shit" I mutter and a voice interuppted us

"What did you just say?" My mom raised an eyebrow and i sighed

"I said finish it" Dylan chuckled and i pushed him playfully

"Lucy, be nice" My dad spoke and i sighed, pulling my heavy box upstairs

Right as i set my box down , my mom called out my name "LUCY!!"

I groaned, turning, and dragging myself back downstairs

"Go give this to the neighbors" She spoke, handing me a couple of small boxes of cookies

"Im coming with" I smirked and he walked out the door with me

"Your only coming to see if theres any girls"

He shrugged, as if he was caught red handed

We walked across the lawn to the huge house next door

"Go ring the door bell" I spoke and he sighed

"You need to stop being shy" He spoke ringing it

"Its not like america here, we dont know what its like here"

He shrugged and the door opened

"Yes?" A guy said slightly rude

"Well than" I spoke and he opened the door a little more

Revealing a shirtless tattood body glaring at me

"We just moved in next door, see?"

I pointed towards the house that was now ours

"And my mom said we should give this to you"

"American?" He asked and i sighed, nodded

His british accent was thick and low with a rasp

"Nice to meet you, Im Harry" He spoke, rubbing his tired eyes

He looked into mine with his green ones

"You to, im Lucy" I spoke looking at Dylan who was now dazed off

"DYL!!" I whispered/Shouted

He snapped out of it and i shook my head

"Yeah, im really the dumb one" I spoke

Harry's tired chuckle helped me realize we were still at his door

"Sorry, we'll get going" I spoke and he nodded

"Thanks for the cookies" He called out and then began walking away


I awoke to a large thump infront of my face

Soon i realized i was on the floor, passed out from exaustion

"Lucy" My mom said, bending down to be leveled with me

"I know your tired , but we have unpacking to do"

She stood up, and with a couple loud clunks, her 6 in stilettos walked off

I groaned and stood up to find a box filled with books ive read previously

They were all from the library in New York, but never returned them

I chuckled, shaking my head and biting my tounge

Thinking lazily, i shoved the box in my closet,and put on my slippers

I headed downstairs and grabbed my purse from the freshly unpacked couch

"Where do you think your going ?"  My brother asked and i sighed

"Anywhere that has coffee" I spoke,grabbing a couple of euro's

This pounds stuff was so confusing to me

"Coming with" He pitched in and grabbed a 5 out of my hand

I giggled and walked outside to find it freezing

"Just like new york" I stated and he chuckled shaking his head

"Yeah, 10x colder" I giggled and rubbed my numb arms

We walked for about a third of a mile untill we found a cute bakery 

It was pink red, and displayed cakes and cupcakes in the window

"Lets go here" I chirped, dodging ahead of Dylan

"Lucy!" He groaned trying to catch up

I bursted through the door, taking in the smell of sweet cake

"Do you smell that?" Dylan asked and i smirked

"Yes, coffee" My grin gleamed, but i started missing home

"Hello there" I heard a familier voice, which is wierd, because i just moved here

"Hey?" I turned to see our neighbor..Harry i believe

"How may i help you?" He asked and i sighed, looking at the menu

"Can i have 2 cuppicino's and 2 small red velvet cupcakes" 

His fingers punched in numbers on the register and smiled

"6.53 please" I took out 10 lbs and set it on the counter"

"I see you went for the natural look today" He spoke jokingly

"Har, har, har, so funny" I joked and he smirked

He handed my my change and chuckled

"Well you still look good either way" His cheeks were furiously red and i smirked


Me and Dylan grabbed our stuff from the counter

"See you later Harry" I spoke and he waved

"See you later to!"

I giggled and pulled my hoodie over my head

"Getting hid on your first day here, nice"

I shook my head and he nudged me playfully

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