Harry always felt empty, even when the boys were around. When a new girl named Lucy moves to his school during senior year. He fancies her, but his school rivalry tries to take her away from him. He realizes her talent, and she realizes his. What will happen?


5. Light of the Morning Sun

Light shun down on me, making me squeeze my eyes shut.

"Wake up, we have to get ready" Dylan called out

I sighed, sitting up and running my hand through my hair

"Dyl..." I spoke, sleepily rubbing my tired eyes

"yes?" he asked

"when did i get home?" i groaned

My head began throbbing

I moaned in pain

"well you got dropped off t 11 and goofed off till 2 am "

i sghed bending over to catch some air

"well, hurry. moms leaving early."


I reached for my bagel and water, sitting back 

Everyone ate in a rush,and we were off

I swear me and Harry left the bakery at 10

Its only 5 streets down

We entered the school, still new to the british voices floating around our heads

"Lucy" I heard being called and jumped

"You scared me" I whispered and Zayn chuckled

"You looked a little frazzled" He spoke and i smiled

"Just thinking" I spoke, pulling hair behind my ear

"Of?"He asked, walking with me to my locker

"Stuff, how was your night?" I asked and he shrugged

"Boring, yours?" He asked, with his slight smile

"Boring, you know, the use" I spoke reaching my locker

"Looks like Your brother has alot going on"

I turned to see girls surrounding Dylan and smirked

"It was like this back in cali to" I smirked getting my books

"Your sitting with us at lunch again, right?" He asked and i nodded

"Good, by beauty" He winked and walked away with charm.

I bit my lip, taking in the comment and shook my head

"Lucy!" A girl called and i turned seeing an unknown face

"Yes?" I asked and she smirked

"Your the hot new girl everyones drooling over?"

Her accent was so thick, it was dripping off her voice

"Hot? nah, new? Yes" I spoke and she chuckled

"Ive been told we have first period together"

I raised an eyebrown and she smirked

So i heard about you and curly hair

"Uhm, were friends" I spoke and she chuckled

"Your lucky, he doesnt like anyone from our school, but you"

I raised an eyebrow and the bell interupted us

"Lets get to class!"

She grabbed my arm, dragging me down the hall

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