Harry always felt empty, even when the boys were around. When a new girl named Lucy moves to his school during senior year. He fancies her, but his school rivalry tries to take her away from him. He realizes her talent, and she realizes his. What will happen?


2. First Day At School

My hair was normal and my cloths were casual

Sun dress with a cardigan and brown boots

But Dylan was a wreck

Freaking out over what to wear, and what matches

Messing up, then re doing his hair

I sat in the living room, watching him pace back and forth

Finally, he was calm and looked decent enough to leave.

:Ready?" I asked and he shrugged

The buss came up just as we exited the front door

Through out the ride we saw beautiful places, which were things we'd see everyday

I sighed, knowing this place is nothing like home

We reached the high school, looking smaller than usual

Everyone was beautiful, tall, dressed nicely

But i was an american average compared to these people

"Lucy" Dylan spoke and i looked at him, turning my head from the window

"Come on" He spoke, shaking his head, walking away

I sighed, sitting up and grabbing my bag

We walked to the office, to find Harry sitting in a waiting chair

"Hey" I spoke and he smirked

"First day?" He asked and i nodded

"Yeah, but why are you in here?" I asked and he shrugged

"Schedual change" He spoke, leaning back in his chair

"Nice" I spoke an he shrugged once again

"Lucy Fabray" Called an office lady and i walked back to the desk

"Here's your schedual"


"So this is your first period" Harry spoke, pointing to a random door

"Harry..." I whispered and he looked at me wierdly

"I'm scared" It was the truth

Everything was so wierd

So different

It was intimidating

I felt so left out

Stuck out like a coal rock in a pile of diomands

"Of?" He asked and nudged me softly

"This" My arms went up in the air

"All of this seem's like to much"

He nodded and I mumbled

"Honestly, i never wanted to come here"

His face went blank, making it hard to read his emotions

I groaned and combed my fingers through my hair

"Ill get to class, probrably was talking to much"

He grabbed my hand and turned me around

He then wrapped me in a hug and i stood there shocked

"It's gonna be ok" He spoke pulling away

"Theres no reason to be scared"

My smiled was clear and bright

He smirked and then went serious

"Lets not mention this" He spoke and i bursted out in a fit of giggles

"Are you a bad boy mr. styles?"

He smirked and shook his head

"Just get to class"

I smirked and we went our seperate ways


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