Life in the Dirt

Charlie Ryles isn't the most wealthy person in the world; considering she lives in such a rural area though her livings is considered a big city. Though she does have a few friends; her and the others are bullied for this situation, but Charlie knows there's always one person there for her....


1. Chapter 1 - I'm Charlie

*Charlie's P.O.V.*


I groaned as I sat up in my bed, rubbing my eyes.

"Took you long enough," a voice rasped as a hand whacked me slightly on the head.

"Ouch, jeez calm down, it's only Sunday!" I growled, then letting out a large yawn.

"Whatever, I just want you to drive me to Liland's house."

"I don't know, I don't drive brothers that hit their sisters!"

"Oh don't be a baby, I'll be outside in the car," my brother, Jared, lifted himself off the edge of my bed and hurried out the door. I groaned, barley standing myself up to reach my closet. Once I stood in front of it, I ripped it open and clutched onto a sweatshirt and a pair of jeans in which I removed my pajama pants and pulled up the pants. Then, tossing the sweatshirt over my pajama top. I then exited my room and slumped down the stairs to be greeted by the blaring sound of the fire alarm.

"Fuck! Shut up would you!" My other brother shrieked, batting a broom against the fire alarm. I laughed silently, heading over to the door.

"Good luck! I'm going to drive Jared to his friends house!" I called to him, the swinging open the door.

"Thanks, punk!" He replied, finally shutting off the alarm. 

Reaching my clunker, I swung open the door to find Jared sitting in the drivers seat.

"Can I please drive today?" He begged, flipping out his bottom lip and starting to whimper. I rolled my eyes.

"Whatever, move over!" I smiled, sliding into the leather seat as he fist pumped and sat on top of the compartment. I patted my lap once I got settled and he hopped on willingly, gripping his palms over the wheel.

"Wait until I say, driver," I told him, pulling on the door handle to close it shut. The keys entered the ignition as a slowly pushed down onto the acceleration pedal and shifting the gear stick into 'R'. The junk mobile bopped carefully out of the sandy driveway and onto the bumpy road.

"Keep it straight and steady, I'll take over once there's some turns," I instructed my brother as he grasped the wheel, laughing as he began to control the vehicle. 

"Weeee!" He cheered as began to swerve between each lane. I grinned, this was the only moment that I got to seem him this happy. Sudden sirens broke the joy as I groaned in disappointment. 

"Hop into the back and buckle up," I ordered Jared, grabbing onto the steering wheel. "Don't say anything, just pretend you're fighting dinosaurs or something!" No questions asked, he crawled over the tiny storage section and followed the instructions, even making soft roars. I began to release the pressure from the pedal and smoothly pulled over to the side, twisting the keys so the car would come to a complete stop.

"Very interesting driving skills there ma'm," a deep voice bellowed. "License and car registration please." 

"Of course officer," I shined my teeth, turning around and rolling my eyes as I flipped up the storage unit and tugged out a crumpled slip of paper, along with flicking out my wallet to show my horrifying picture. I stuck them out to the cop as he snatched them from my hands and made his way back to his automobile. I sighed, leaning against the wheel and staring out the window.

"Are we done?" Jared asked me. 

"Not even close, don't worry we'll get you to Liland's in time," I told him, trying to make myself smile and lift his spirits high. He shrugged and then twisted his body around to watch the officer continue his work.

"Fifth time this week, isn't it?" A voice surprised me, making me jump in fear.

"Jesus Niall," I whispered, shooing the sneak away. "I'm busy!"

"Calm your" -he looks behind me to spot Jared- "titties."

"Niall!" I shrieked. "Stop, you obviously see that Jared is with me!"

"What are titties?" Jared questioned me. Niall let out a roar of laughter as I placed my palms across my eyes.

"What's all the ruckus!?" The officers voice called out.

"Go home Niall," I hissed at him. "You'll just get me into more trouble!"

"Fine," he pouted. I watched as he stomped away childishly, hopping onto his motorcycle and then turn it on. The cop quickly hopped up beside me; prepared for a fight, cocked his eyebrow, then straightened his uniform out.

"Here's your, uhm, ticket," he coughed. "Just to give you a heads up, your registration ends in a few months."

"Thank you-"

"Woo-hoo!" A voice cackled. Our heads flipped towards the cheer, to see a motorcycle spinning in circles with the rider wearing no helmet, nor anything at all except a pair of boxers.

"What the hell?" The officer shouted, then taking off towards his cop car as the motorcycle sped away down the road. I watched in shock as the car swung right past us, carrying away my hundred dollar ticket and the angry officer.

"Are you going to answer my question?" Jared complained. "What are titties?!?"

I laughed and started up my car again, "You'll find out soon." Slowly pressing my foot against the pedal, I shifted the gear and put it to 'D'.



This is my first chapter to many more in my new movella, 'Life in the Dirt'. Please tell me if you enjoyed it in the comments, and for the next chapter our goal is:




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