Emma and her friends are finally in college. Although she thought it was going to be the best time, she gets a strange attraction to a "dangerous" boy. Harry Styles.

Graphic parts in the story

Harry Styles Fanfiction


6. Unexpected Butterflies

"Emma," a distant voice called. "Emma!" I jumped up quickly. "W-what?" I mumbled still half asleep. "Your alarm went off about five minutes ago. You slept right through it. Get up!" Ashley said pulling the covers of her bed up. I sighed and walked into the bathroom. Thoughts of last night flashed into my head. Was it even real or just a really crazy dream? I shook the thoughts out of my head. I have to get ready. I quickly brushed my teeth and put some makeup on. "I want to get to class early! My teacher is giving us seats! I want to sit next to Liam!" Ashley called from the door. I giggled and stuck my head out from the door to see her leave. "Good luck with that!" I yelled after her. I walked towards my drawer and pulled out a cute baggy pink shirt. I picked some black skinny jeans and some Vans. I checked the time quickly. 7:30. Good I have at least 15 minutes to get to class. I grabbed bag and headed out the door. "Slut." A girl coughed out as I passed her. I rolled my eyes and kept walking. "Look who it is!" I heard a voice call out. I turned around quickly. Christian. "Why did you just leave me there yesterday?" He asked smirking of course. I rolled my eyes again. "Maybe its because you tried to forcefully kiss me! And you expect me to help you!" Christian barely seemed to care about my comment. "Yeah, yeah. Going to call your boyfriend?" He asked tempting me to kick him. "No! I barely know you or Harry!" I defended myself. "Yeah, but your a slut so it doesn't matter if you know him does it?" Christian asked stepping towards me. Fear filled my body. Please just leave me alone. The bell signaling class rang. Christian gave me a dirty look and turned to go to his class. This is probably the only time I am actually glad to hear the bell.


I tapped my pen on my desk. Why does the class before lunch always take forever? "So I was thinking, we should hang out at lunch." Harry whispered. I turned to him surprised. "I cant. I have meet my friends." I said extremely quiet. "You kind of owe me." Was that his plan or something? Help me and earn a date? "I cant." I said not wanting to speak what I was thinking. Harry pouted making him look like a cute baby. What am I saying? "Please!" Harry said loudly. Everyone began to laugh. Told you. Sometimes he acts like an idiot. "Harold, is there something wrong?" The professor asked. Harry leaned back in his chair. "Its Harry, not Harold." He said avoiding the questions. The professor glared at him. "Mr. Styles stop distracting my class." Harry smiled innocently. "Its Harry not Mr. Styles." The professor took a deep breath and turned towards the board to finish teaching for the last 5 minutes. Harry turned to me again. "Ms. Emma." He said causing me to giggle. "Ok class, don't forget to do your homework! I expect you all to have it done. Not my money being wasted if you failed... Class dismissed. Except Harry." I grabbed my bag and walked out of the classroom towards my dorm.

As I passed some of the girls I got called my usual name. I just ignored it though. People are just stupid and need to learn their facts. I walked down the hall towards my dorm. I opened my door and threw my book bag on the floor. Ashley wasn't here yet. I laid down on the bed. Its only been four periods of the day and I already hate today. "Emma I had the most amazing day!" Ashley said walking into the door. I sighed, I wish I had a good day. "Liam asked me to hang out with him and his friends at lunch!" She squealing a bit. "Your acting like you're I middle school and you just got eye contact with your crush." I said grumpily. Ashley stood there shocked. "What happened?" She asked sitting in her bed. "Harry happened in a good and bad way." I answered. "Come on! Details!" Ashley said ready to listen. "I'm good. I don't want to explain now." Ashley rolled her eyes. "Well just meet the girls at the café. Ok?" She asked. I smiled. "So you are going to be with Liam?" I asked raising my eyebrows. "You're such a child!" She said grabbing some money for food and rushing out the door. I giggled and grabbed some money and left after her. I closed the door behind me and walked down the hallway again. As I turned the corner to head towards the I saw Harry. Maybe I could just walk past him and his friend without being noticed. His friend was dirty blond, blue eyes, and a cute smile. I took a deep breath and walked swiftly with my head down. "So you really like her? As in like boyfriend, girlfriend right?" The blond kid asked. "Yeah... I was hoping we could hang out, but she turned me down." I stopped walking. Was he talking about me? I felt butterflies in my stomach begin to form. "Ah, she'll come around, bro." The blond said. It cant be me. He wouldn't like me. Why me?


I walked into my last class of the day. Thank god. "Um... Emma?" My stomach dropped a little. "Y-yeah?" I asked nervously. "I know you are busy at lunch, but please maybe we can hang out one lunch?" Harry asked. I looked down. What would happen if I did hang out with him one lunch? "Sure." I said. I mentally kick myself. I should've thought before I said it. There's no going back now. Harry smiled revealing his two dimples. "Meet me at the entrance tomorrow." Harry said sounding excited. I couldn't help but smile. I mean Harry is really cute. I took my seat next Harry and looked towards the clock. Hurry up. "Emma, do I bother you?" Harry asked randomly. I felt the butterflies that were in my stomach before start doing backflips. "I... um... sometimes." I said trying to avoid looking at him. Harry smiled softly. "Sorry?" He said as if it was a question. What is going on?

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