Emma and her friends are finally in college. Although she thought it was going to be the best time, she gets a strange attraction to a "dangerous" boy. Harry Styles.

Graphic parts in the story

Harry Styles Fanfiction


15. He Was Right

I knew Harry was going to do everything in his power to talk to me. The only thing I can do is try not to talk to him. I mean he punched a fucking hole in my wall that was extremely close to my head. I tossed over in my bed so I can face the hole. How can he punch that hard. I mean, yeah I know guys would do that, but why would Harry get so mad at something that concerns me. Does he really care that much? He cant. Its only been a week and I honestly don't  think he could get that attached to me. I glanced over at the clock which read 9:30. Wait what?! I jumped out of bed and hurriedly ran into the bathroom. I grabbed my toothbrush and toothpaste. "Ashley! We are late for our classes!" I yelled noticing Ashley was still in bed. "Shut up Emma. Its the weekend." Ashley grumbled. What?! I'm so stupid! I got caught up with Harry so much I forgot it was Saturday. "Oh yeah. Sorry." I apologized. I sighed in relief and brushed my teeth silently. I tip-toed to my drawer and pulled out my usual outfit. 


I felt my phone buzz in my pocket, but I ignored it. Not today. I just want to be alone with  my family for now. However, my phone continued to buzz. Over and over again. "Are you going to get that?" My mom asked motioning to my phone. "Not right now." I answered grabbing a cookie from Tyler. "That's mine." He huffed crossing his stubby little arms. "Well now it's mine." I said taking a bite from the cookie. "Well now this is mine." Tyler snatched my phone and quickly dashed into the living room. "Emily take the phone!" Tyler said laughing a bit. "Now you to are dead!" I said tackling both of them. "Get off of me! You are stinky!" Tyler said pushing me. "I think she smells like flowers." Emily said whiffing the me. "Will you stop. Thats weird." I said taking my phone. I stood up and walked back to my mom. "So how was the first week?" My mom asked. I looked down at my phone. Please vibrate so I can pretend to need to answer it. Nothing. I looked up at my mom. "Good." I lied. I unlocked my phone. 17 messages! Who the hell? I opened the messages. I stared down at my phone confused. Who is this? As I scrolled through the messages it was really clear who it was. Harry the creep who gets anything. Like my phone number.  "Emma!" My mom said stopping me from reading each message. "Sorry. Some creep got my number. Actually more like my 'boyfriend'." I said putting quotation marks around boyfriend. I dont even know if we are still together. "Well clearly you aren't sure about him. So I'm not going to ask." My mom said shaking her head. 


I walked back into the college which was almost empty. Not that surprising though. All of the other people are probably partying, visiting family, shopping, or working at jobs. Hopefully one of these people are Harry so I dont have to face him. Knowing him though, he'll be here and if he isn't he will probably have someone else try to talk to me. I turned the corner to the girl's dorms and walked to the end. I opened my door and walked inside. "Ashley?" I called out. No one answered. I sighed and laid on my bed bored. My phone buzzed again. God damn. I looked at the message. "Please. Talk to me. I know you read the messages above. So can we talk at the cafe?" I have nothing else to do, but I really dont want to. Then again, better get it over with. "Coming -.-" I sent back. I jumped up out of my bed. I opened my door again just as Christian and a girl turned the corner. Both of them exchanged joyful expressions. "Ah! Emma! I've missed you. I've heard the news too. Harry and you. Sneaking out to meet him now aren't you?" Christian asked flashing a smile. "So?" I asked glancing between the two. "You truly are a slut aren't you? I mean, come on! Harry Styles? How long have you two been banging? Any girl who dates him has to be a slut! No normal girl would date him." Christain explained. Dammit! Harry was right. Everyone is going to terrorize me just because they know I'm dating him. "What normal girl would date you?" I asked glancing at the girl next to him. She had piercing blue eyes and bright blonde hair held in a fishtail braid. "Me." She said boldly. "Whatever." I said walking pass them. Maybe its just them. Probably not though. If Christian knows the world knows.



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