Emma and her friends are finally in college. Although she thought it was going to be the best time, she gets a strange attraction to a "dangerous" boy. Harry Styles.

Graphic parts in the story

Harry Styles Fanfiction


9. Another Try For Lunch

I entered my second class of the day. This was the only class where I didn't sit next Harry. I sat next to a really shy girl named . She never seemed to speak at all. I took my seat next to her and turned my attention to the board. "Take out your essays and questions." It read. I pulled out my homework and waited for the teacher to start talking. "Ok! Pass up your homework. This will be your first two grades of the semester." I passed up my work and just kept waiting. It seemed like nothing was going to happen. The teacher began talking about the concept of the lesson and was wasting the class period. Not my problem though. I looked over at Harry who had his head down. He was probably sleeping. I smiled a little and turned back to the professor.


I grabbed my bags and got ready to head towards my dorm. "Wait!" I turned around and saw Harry running towards me. "Can we try again for lunch?" He asked catching his breath. Christian probably wont bother me today. No one has actually. Maybe going with him will show me if my feelings towards Harry were right. I mean its only one lunch period. Besides my friends he is one the very few people who don't harass me. Finally, I took a deep breath and nodded. Harry smiled just as he did when I told him I would go yesterday. "Do I meet you at the same place?" I asked beginning to walk. "Yeah, I guess." Harry answered. "Ok then, I will meet you there." I said walking towards the girl dorm rooms. Harry turned to walk towards his room, I guess. I walked down the crowded hall of girls. The one bad thing about having a room at the end of the hall was having to walk through a crowd. When I finally pushed my way through the crowd I opened my door and quickly shut it. For some reason the hall looks so much more packed. I threw my bag down and sat down on the bed. Ashley burst through the door quickly. "Why are there so many people in the halls?" She asked throwing her book bag next to mine. I shrugged. "Anyways, I'm kind of not going to be at lunch." I said standing up. Ashley smiled and raised her eyebrows. "Harry?" She asked. I nodded and grabbed the money I had yesterday. "Well it doesn't matter. Olivia is going to be with Louis. Maria finally talked to Niall, so they are going to be together at lunch. Natalie is going to be with her mom. They are going shopping. I'm actually surprised she didn't talk to Zayn yet." Ashley said picking up her money. "And you are going to be with Liam?" I asked pretending I didn't already know. Ashley smiled and nodded. "Well then see you later." I said getting up and leaving first.
The halls weren't as packed so I walked quickly towards the front entrance. No one seemed to want to bother me anymore so, I really didn't care who saw me with Harry. Sure enough when I reached the front entrance Harry was there. He was leaning against the door playing on his phone. My heart began pounding again and the butterflies in my stomach began swirling around. I slowly walked towards Harry hoping I could calm down first. I began to pick up my speed. It would be kind of creepy to sneak up on him. "Hey!" Harry said when he spotted me walking to him. "Hi." I said when I reached him. "So where do you want to go?" Harry asked. I shrugged, "You pick." Harry thought for a while before he grabbed my hand. Yeah, he took my hand. He began walking towards a park for younger kids. "Here we are!" Harry said running towards a swing set. I giggled and followed him. Harry jumped on a swing started laughing. He had a pretty weird laugh, but it was cute. "What do you want to eat?" Harry asked getting off the swing. "Anything really." I answered. Harry smiled, " You don't ask for much, do you?" I shrugged, "I never really ask for anything." Harry nodded and began to walk towards a McDonald's. Oh, great. Now I'm going to feel fat. Well, its only one time, so who cares? Harry opened the door for me and followed behind me. "What are you going to get?" Harry asked pulling out his wallet. Nothing big, that's for sure. "Probably a twenty piece chicken nugget box." I said pretending not to sound hungry. "Ok, I'm just getting a burger." When we reached the cashier I pulled out my money. "I'm paying, duh!" Harry said before ordering.


Harry and I rushed back the college grounds. "So um... would like to hang out tomorrow?" Harry asked slightly flashing puppy dog eyes. "Yeah. Why not?" I asked. Harry's smile quickly grew. "Ok then, you know where to meet me." He said walking off towards the right side entrance which was close to the guys' dorm room. I smiled a little to myself as I walked towards my dorm. I opened the door and almost had a heart attack because...



First off, Happy New Years! 2014 <3 The next chapter is going to be short, but might not come up today because its like 1:00 AM and I'm a little tired. Around chapter 12/13 Harry is going to change around his act to take on the bad boy role so don't worry, this story will get more interesting (I know it sucks now). However, hope you enjoy

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