come dance with me

Sequel to Up all night. Olivia Higgins is in her senior year of high school with her best friend Jordan and her new boyfriend Frank. Homecoming is coming up and they are part of the committee. The entire school wants One direction to perform at the dance. Her uncle, Paul Higgins, the tour manager/ “babysitter” for one direction is going to an invention convention with Olivia's father, George. Jordan has a secret, that her best friend doesn't even know. Niall and the boys return with Paul. Will Niall and Olivia pick up where they left off? Or be too busy with homecoming? Will Jordan tell her secret? Or Frank and Jordan's relationship end? Will Ashley go back to her old ways? Or be the sister Jordan wants? Will homecoming be a disaster or a perfect night?


2. the favor

Olivia's POV

"Jordan, what are you doing?" I said. "If anyone can convince One direction to sing at our dance it's you." She said. "I can't ask them that," "Olive, everyone knows you and Niall are close" "I haven't spoken to him since your party 2 months ago." "You have his number, call him up" I can't believe Jordan would tell everyone that one direction would be performing at the dance before we even asked them. "alright, I'll try" I pressed his number and it started to dial.

Niall's POV

Life is great! Me and my boys have just sold our One Direction This is us movie to the US. The boys were talking to Paul in the other room. The door was open so I could see them. I can't stop thinking about Olivia. Whether it's playing on my guitar or recording our new track even when I'm sleeping or when I wake up. I keep thinking about that night we met. When we danced, looked each other in the eyes, kissed. Just then my phone rang on the side table next to me. It was Olivia. The phone read her name and a pic of her in her dress the night we met. I answered it. "Hey, Olivia, it's been awhile since we talked." The boys looked outside the door in my direction. "Yeah, sorry I've been very busy.." They started running towards me. I jumped up and put up the hand I wasn't using and tried to stop them from running into me. They tackled me and took my phone away. I chased them around the room. "Anyway... I know this is a lot to ask and your probably busy..." Harry turned it on speaker. "Could you sing at our school dance?" "We would love to..." Said Liam. "Oh, I must be on speaker phone.." She said. I grabbed my phone and took off speaker phone. Zayn and Louis ballroom danced together then made kissey faces to me. "Speaking of the dance....Would you like to go..." She interrupted me. "Sorry Niall I have to go, thanks for saying yes about performing it means a lot to us. Me and the committee have to begin planning, see you soon, bye" and she hung up. "What did she say?" Said Harry. "She was in a hurry and I don't think she heard me." "Well, you'll see her at the dance" said Zayn. "I wanted it to be a date not just me performing for her school dance." "You could call her again." Said Liam. "She is busy besides it should be face to face." I almost gave up when Paul walked in and gave me a great idea. "Boys, I have a solution, you could come with me to visit her and her father. I have been going with my brother to these invention conventions for the past 8 years and will be out of town. Will you boys like to come and keep Olivia company for a whole week?" "What a great idea, thanks Paul!" "Anything for my favorite boys."

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