come dance with me

Sequel to Up all night. Olivia Higgins is in her senior year of high school with her best friend Jordan and her new boyfriend Frank. Homecoming is coming up and they are part of the committee. The entire school wants One direction to perform at the dance. Her uncle, Paul Higgins, the tour manager/ “babysitter” for one direction is going to an invention convention with Olivia's father, George. Jordan has a secret, that her best friend doesn't even know. Niall and the boys return with Paul. Will Niall and Olivia pick up where they left off? Or be too busy with homecoming? Will Jordan tell her secret? Or Frank and Jordan's relationship end? Will Ashley go back to her old ways? Or be the sister Jordan wants? Will homecoming be a disaster or a perfect night?


3. the compromise

Olivia's POV

I hung up. "There, they said yes" "yes!" Said Jordan jumping up and down. "your lucky." I said. We went to join the others. "So here's an outline of what I think the gym should look like by the time we are done." Said Gabby one of the girls, who is amazing at drawing. The intercom said "Jordan, please see me in my office" Oooo said everyone. "Someone's in trouble" said Jamie. "Come back soon" said Zeke. "C'mon guys we have to finish" said Michael. There was another boy named Cameron but he was shy.

Jordan's POV

"What do you want?" I said to Clarice. "Guess what I got" She handed me a paper. "You have been accepted to West Bridge high. Please start in two weeks? What is this?" "Your new school" "Mom, I don't want to leave" "But you told me to move you to another school a few months ago." "It's different, I had enemies now they are my friends. When did you apply me?" West Bridge is a private school. "Your dad did, he got a raise, it was suppose to be a surprise." "Well I don't want to anymore" "It's too late you have to stay the entire year, not everyone gets to go here" It's an honors school meaning smart people go. Colleges like people who go to these schools. They have different rules and schedules than normal public high schools. There is also higher curriculum to graduate. She told me to try it for the year and if I didn't like it she would pull me out. I would leave the night of Homecoming. The school is in Boston, Massachusetts. We live in Los angeles, California. How can I tell Olivia and Frank?

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