Flower power

something bad happened something she could not control what's gonna happen? will she survive? well read this my lovely minions to find out


2. the dream

It was one sunny day and a girl named Sophie was out in the garden. She was hoping and skipping and jumping around when something caught the corner of her eye. It was something glowing next to the wooden shed, so Sophie went over to have a look. It was path so Sophie cautiously went up the wobbly lane that revealed the impossible. It was a magical land and suddenly a bit of paper went into Sophie hands it read. Dear Sophie this a secret place where only you can visit while you are still like this. This is where you don't have to hide your secret flower power. You can use it to your hearts content. So Sophie started to have a wonder round this strange magical place witch only you see in fairy tales. Sophie thought as she walked on how did they know my name? how did I get here? how did they know my secret? She knew that she could think as of many questions as would like but non of them would probably get answered so she sighed and walked on. She sore different animals like unicorns and weird creatures like elf's just minding there own business. It was mad as there were signs saying be carful melted chocolate and bouncy marshmallows. This was all to much for Sophie's little head so she stumbled back down the wobbly path and into her own lovely home. That night as Sophie nodded off into a deep sleep she muttered "is this all just a sweet dream?"


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