Flower power

something bad happened something she could not control what's gonna happen? will she survive? well read this my lovely minions to find out


3. In the end

I lay here thinking about was this all just a dream in fact that dream was but this one isn't. Why cant I wake up? Like they say be carful what you wish for something truly un believe able happened. Her family came in to see how Rachel was doing. They got told that she was doing fine in fact they got told she was doing great. They sat there with every hope and every smile hoping that this will be the day she wakes up. But was it? Her dad kneels by the side of her lonely bed holding her ice cold thingers  when something truly magical happened. Her dad felt a squeeze to the hand. He shouts "Rachel can you hear me please open your eye" then with true amazement the family huddle round the bed and Rachel slowly and stiffly opens her blue and black bruised eyes. Then she slowly says "mmum, dddad" in a slurred way. The family buzzed the doctor in and all he does is smiley softly and say I will do a check up in a moment but for now spend some time with your loving family." They hug and give there love to Rachel and Rachel is so happy she finally had broken the barrier between her and the world. As weeks go by Rachel is kept in hospital so they can still keep an eye on her and her family comes into see her but before they go she says into her Dads ear "when I was in my coma I could hear everything you said and did to try and help me wake up and I appreciate everything you did" Then the dad leaves and Rachel's goes into one of her crazy dreams again. And one thing she never told anyone was that she was the girl with the flower power.

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