Cousin is a story about a girl named gagandeep who lives in Los Angeles California she is in love with one direction especially zayn but one day she finds out something that will change her life forever...... Will she find love? With who? Will it last? Read to find out
May contain swearing and sexual scenes.... Please don't copy this is my hardwork @gagandeepmalik


22. First day of work

Gagandeep pov: I woke up in Harry's strong, warm arms. As I shifted he also woke up. "Morning princess!" Harry said. "Morning my prince!" I replied. I quickly got up and heard my phone go off. Someone had texted me. I quickly too it off charge and saw it was from jane. I excitedly opened the text. It read:

J: hey gagandeep, just wanted to let you know id like you to come in today for your first day! Your office is ready for you! See you at 10.

I replied with:

G: thank you, I will be there by 10!

I put my phone down and told Harry the good news. "Great! I have to be at the studio today as well." He told me. I nodded and took a shower. After i was done I dried off and put on black skinny jeans and a grey crew neck that had an infinity sign. I slipped on my black socks. I dried my hair and brushed it. I left it down and put on my earrings. I walked downstairs and made breakfast. I quickly ate and left some for Harry. He walked down and wrapped his arms around my waist. I turned around and kissed him. I looked at the time and saw it was 9:00. Harry ate while I watched tv and we got ready to go. I grabbed my bag and slung it on my shoulder. I put on my white vans, and grabbed Billu, making sure he had ate and grabbed some things for him. I was gonna leave him at Danielle's again, all the girls would be there, since the guys were gong to the studio. After we dropped him off Harry dropped me off at the agency. As I grabbed my bag Harry pulled me in for a kiss. "I'll miss you too much." He told me he gave me his little puppy look and felt so bad. "Awe harreh! I'll miss you too bae♡" I pecked his lips and gave him another hug as jumped out of the car into the office.

Harry pov: ugh her first day of work. I already miss her! I turned into the parking lot in our studio to see the rest of the boys there. We began working on new songs and types of music. As we sang the boys told me I hadn't dang with this much emotion for awhile now. "Hmm thinking about Gagandeep while your singing eh?" Liam asked I blushed."yeah I just love her so much. She's my everything."

Gagandeep pov: I walked into my office waving hi to jane as I passed by. "Morning Hun!" She called "morning jane!" I said back. I sat at my desk and looked at a few papers and designs there had been left for me. I grabbed a pen and begin filling out some forms for my modeling part. Suddenly a really pretty woman walked in. "Hello, you must be Gagandeep! I'm Karina! Your assistant!" "M-m-y assistant? I asked get one if those?" She nodded. "Wow." I said looking and sounding like a little kid at Disneyland for the first time. Karina laughed. "I'm in my way to Starbucks would you like anything?" She asked "uh sure, can I have a large caramel frap please?" I answered "of course!" She told me. I started to hand her money but she refused. After she left I worked in a few new designs for skirts and dresses. I got a text from Harry

H:hey babe, how are you?

G:I'm fine you?

H: good, what are you doing?

G:nothing much just working in a few designs.

H: they must be good if you came up with them!😉

G:yeah, yeah!

H: I'll pick you up for lunch!

G:see you then!

H:love you princess!♡

G: love you too my prince♡

I turned off my phone and put away just as Karina walked in with my Starbucks.

Time skip: lunch with Harry.

I was working on some designs the whole day and I couldn't stop. I wanted to make them as good as possible and totally forgot about lunch with Harry. I looked up to see Harry leaning in the doorway with his arms crossed and a smile on his face. "Hey princess!" He smiled "hi Harry, I'm sorry I totally lost track of time!" I told him as got up and grabbed my purse and phone. He wrapped his arms around my waist, and began to lean in for a kiss, when we where interrupted by someone clearing their throat. "Hem, hem" I looked up to see karina, I turned red. She laughed "well hello lovebirds. Is this your boyfriend gagandeep?" I nodded still embarrassed she stuck out her hand "hello Harry I'm karina gagandeep's assistant." She said Harry shook her hand and said "hello Karina." He smiled "well jane just wanted me to tell you you can leave for lunch whenever you want!" Karina added. "Which I'll do right now!" I said she nodded and left the room. "Where did we leave off?" Harry asked with a thoughtful look. "Oh wait this!" He said leaning in so his tender lips touched mine. He wrapped his arms around my waist, and I wrapped mine against his neck. He smiled into the kiss, and we slowly pulled away. He put his hand in mine and we walked out to the car. He opened the car door for me and jogged to his side. We decided to have In N Out for lunch because it just tastes amazing! Haha. After we finished eating, we threw away our trash and walked to the car. As we drove back to work he talked about their new songs and asked about my designs. Before I got out of the car, "tell the boys to come over tonight, I'll text the girls. " I said. Harry nodded," don't worry I'll will, love you princess" "I love you to babe" I responded "see you at three!" He said I nodded and he drive away. I walked into my office and sat down. I took out and texted the girls in a group message:

G: hey guys just wanted to tell you guys to come over today please!

Lela:haha okay!

Danielle:okay we will!

Perrie: of course love

Adriana: Kay bae!

I turned off my phone and let the time pass. At two thirty they asked me to model. I was scared but I got through it. I met make up artists and wardrobe directors and my photographer. My makeup artists name was Gina trey, my photographer James stems (janes husband) and my wardrobe director was carol Perkins. They did my hair and makeup and picked out a few outfits for me. They took the pictures and by 2:55 I was done. I changed back into my clothes and took the stuff off my face.

I said bye to everyone and started towards my office where Harry was waiting for me again. "Well hello princess!" He said I smiled "hello Harry! Did you rememeber to tell the boys?" I asked "of course I didn't forget!" He smiled grabbing me by the waist. I pecked his cheek and pulled away. I grabbed my bag as he said "your such a tease babe." I laughed and grabbed his hand as we walked out.

time skip

At home

Harry pov: we got home and she put her stuff away. "Dani and li are gonna bring Billu right?" She asked me "yes, li said he will." She walked out if the computer room and I wrapped my arms around get waist and buried my face in her neck. I left a few wet kisses on her neck before I sucked and gave her a hickey. "Mhmm Harry" she moaned I picked her up and carried her to our bed. I laid her down and got on top of her. Just then the doorbell rang. I groaned. She just giggled.

Gagandeep pov:wow uhm, we almost....okay. I fixed my clothes and hair real quick before opening the door. It was dani and li carrying in Billu. "Hope we aren't interrupting anything!" Liam said with a smirk. Dani playfully slapped his shoulder. She leaned close to me and whispered nice hickey." She smirked and I blushed. I picked up Billu. I cuddled him for a bit and set him down. Harry began talking to Liam about something and dani pulled me into mine and Harry's room. She sat me on the and sat next to me. " okay so how much did you guys do before we interrupted?!" She asked she seemed so excited I turned red. Suddenly the doorbell rang once again and it was everyone else the girls walked in with smirks on their faces. "Uh hi?" I asked nervously. They smiled."so tell us how much did you get through?" Adriana asked she smirked and so did the rest of them. I told them all about it until the part where dani and li came. "Pretty sure they gonna finish tonight!" Lela said. I turned red and shook my head, lets go make dinner guys!" They all agreed and we walked outside to the boys just watching tv. Harry looked up at me and smiled his adorable dimples showing. I smiled back and he winked. We walked into the kitchen im and I began to take out a bunch of stuff. We decided to make tacos and we started to cut up the veggies and warm up the meat. I took the shells out and worked on those too. Soon we were done and I quickly set the table putting out drunks and napkins. We all ate having normal convos, and some weird ones too. After we all finished I cleaned up and washed the dishes. Harry came up behind me and whispered in my ear, we'll finish after they leave. He pecked my cheek and walked away and I just nodded. I returned to the living room to see the boys just playing FIFA. Harry gestured for me to sit in his lap. I sat in his lap and we played together, I helped him won! Haha we all watched some movies after and everyone decided to go to sleep. They all left and I brushed my teeth in the bathroom. I quickly slipped on my short pajama shorts and a tank. As Harry had said we did finish what we started 😏😉☺️

Well hello everyone! I'm sorry I haven't posted in awhile I actually almost lost my account! And 99 reads?! Oh mah fagizzle! Thank you! Please keep reading and like and fave. Also fan me please! You can kik me at GagandeepBadesha also I will be making a luke hemmings fanfic which will include one direction as well! So please read that ! And I made this chap a bit longer because you didn't get to read for awhile and also a bit nashtier! Lol tell me if I should do a dirty scene! Thanks!


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