Cousin is a story about a girl named gagandeep who lives in Los Angeles California she is in love with one direction especially zayn but one day she finds out something that will change her life forever...... Will she find love? With who? Will it last? Read to find out
May contain swearing and sexual scenes.... Please don't copy this is my hardwork @gagandeepmalik


23. a/n

hey guys! i just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone that is following up on my books and stuff. sorry i haven't been posting that much, I've been packing and getting ready for canada! I'm leaving tomorrow I'm going to visit for 2 weeks, I'm just gonna go  meet shawn mendes. i promised him when he wasn't famous yet. jk haha but i really am going, its my hometown, i moved here to LA when i was a baby. i really do hope i meet shawn even though I'm pretty sure he's gonna be on tour. i missed his free concert here  and its still killing me inside. i was sick and i couldn't go. anyways ill try to finish my update that i started on the plane ride there! hope yu guys enjoy it! love you all! xx~gagandeepmendes/hemmings/malik/bieber/simpson/mahone/caylen etc. lmao kay bye guys! <3 also i dont have a twitter so you guys wanna help me out by tweeting shawn? its either shawnmendes or shawnnmendes you can tell him what i said i only have a mobli @gagandeepbadesha you can tell him to talk to me on there also if u have one follow me on mobli!!!!!!!! tell me your from movella btw if u do.

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