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When Macy escapes from her home and Louis Tomlinson (not famous) is finding her and takes her home to take care of her Macy's life is turning around.

Copyright (C) 2013
Tizze1D, Movellas


2. short chapter, sorry.

Louis's POV

I stared at her. She was so cute when she was asleep. Her small pink lips was so beautiful, I just wanted to kiss them. Then my dirty mind came into the game. I stared at her boobs. They were perfect. Not to big, but not to small. I wonder how it tastes to suc- my mind were interrupted by Macy waking up.

"Morning Babe." I said.

"Morning hottie." She said and we both chuckled. "You like my boobs?" She said.

"W-what? How did you know?" I laughed.

"I can read minds." She said.

"Whhhaaaat? You know every thaught I thaughted about you!?"

"Yes." She said.

"Even the one with having a blowjob from you?" I laughed.

"Ughhhh, BOOBEAR! No, I just saw you staring at my boobs." She laughed and I smirked.

"Now you know what I want...." I said licking my lips.

"No way Lou, not now." She said with a smile. Then she started to paunt circles on my bare chest.

"Not now." She said with the teasing smirk.

"Ugh, Macy, you're hot." She started kiss my chest and she reached my hot-spot. I moaned and she started suck on that place. I monaed louder and louder the harder she sucked.

"MACYYYYY!" I screamed while she sucked. She stopped and kissed my lips gently.

"I've been waiting to do that." She said and I kissed her again.

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