Half a heart

"Amber?'' ''Yes?'' ''We always stay together, okay? Whatever happens. And what my mom says I will always love you'' ''I promise''. Niall grabbed me and kissed me on my nose.


2. The text message

Niall P.O.V.


"Pffffff what a day" i said when we were at the hotel. "It was really nice to sing in Holland again" Liam said. "Yeah! It was amazing!" Zayn said. "Tomorrow we've got a Meet and Greet with the winners of the contest" Louis said. "Maybe there is a nice girl for Niall" Harry said with a grin. The boys laughed. I grapped a pillow and threw it at Harry's face. "Hey!" yelled Harry. "Yeah, that's what you get" I said laughing at Harry's face. He grapped a pillow and threw it towards me. But i bent down so the pillow came in Liam's face. "What the......" yelled Liam after he got a pillow in his face. "Pillow fight!!!" yelled Louis and grapped a pillow.


*At Amber's house*


Amber P.O.V.


"Nice that you intend to stay" i said when we were inside. She nodded. We went upstairs to put her stuff in my room. A few seconds later we talk about One Direction. "At what channel is it?" i asked Amanda and i turned on the radio. "Huh? What?" she asked and looked at me like a zombie. "Oohhhhh!" And i slapped myself on the forehead. "For that price to meet One Direction!" i said impatiently. "Ohhh the Meet and Greet?! Uhmmm....channel 90" she said. "Got it!" i said. "You are now listening to Q-Music! Hello listeners, are you ready to tackle your mobile and texting us for the Meet and Greet with One Direction? Hold the tension for a moment longer then first Charlie with the weather" said the man. "Nooooo!!! We should seriously wait for Charlie?!" yelled i. Meanwhile, Amanda quickly grabbed her mobile.


Amanda P.O.V.

After that talk of Charlie the weatherman, started talking the other man again. "Welcome back! You still listen to Q-Music! Grab the mobiles, because it now is the time to send a text message to us. And if we call you back it means you've win. Okay are you ready? Text: Meet and Greet to 1355" said the man. I texted as soon as possible and pressed send. "Okay we have a winner" said the man. We waited......and waited........and waited.......when i heard a noise it came from my mobile. "Hello?" i said with a broad smile. "Hello sweetie, this is grandma" I stared with my mouth open to Amber. I can't believe it that we didn't win the Meet and Greet with One Direction. "What's wrong?" Amber asked. "Sorry grandma, I'm with a friend right now" i said with a red head and hung up. "We didn't win did we?" Amber asked disappointed. "No" i said and looked down. Amber turned off the radio and said:"Let's go to sleep" "Good idea" i replied and we went to get ready. "Good night" i said. "Good night" Amber replied.








































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