Half a heart

"Amber?'' ''Yes?'' ''We always stay together, okay? Whatever happens. And what my mom says I will always love you'' ''I promise''. Niall grabbed me and kissed me on my nose.


3. Still a chance?

Amber P.O.V.

I heard screaming in my mind. I felt shaken around. I opened my eyes and I screamed. ''AAAHHHHH!!!!'' I saw Amanda on her knees on me and she held her face in front of me so I could see her green-yellowish eyes well. Her blonde hair was almost in my face. I pushed her back and asked why she was sitting on me. She kept looking at me so happy I started to tickle her. "WHAHAHAAAAHAHA NOOOOOO STOOPPP!!!! OKAY I'LL SAY IT!!!!'' she screamed with tears in her eyes. ''Those girls who yesterday won the meet and greet are sick and we were second, so we're going to meet One Direction!!!'' she said, and she could not stop laughing. ''Omg!!! I ... I ... can't believe it!!!'' i shouted. I hugged amanda and we started to scream, until we fell off my bed and lay on the floor laughing. ''Shit what time we should be there?'' i asked worried. ''11 o'clock, so we should really go and prepare'' Amanda said, and we walked into the bathroom. Moments later we were ready and we took the train to Amsterdam.

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