Half a heart

"Amber?'' ''Yes?'' ''We always stay together, okay? Whatever happens. And what my mom says I will always love you'' ''I promise''. Niall grabbed me and kissed me on my nose.


18. Niall's gone

Amber P.O.V.

''Hmmm...'' I slowly open my eyes. ''Niall?'' No response.
I rub my eyes. Wait...where is Niall?? Quickly i get up and run downstairs. Niall...
I hear footsteps. Ahh..luckily Niall's here. ''Good-'' i say and open the door. ''Good morning, Amber.'' ''Dad??''
''What's with that shocking face? Am i that scary?'' ''Dad, have you seen a boy..with blonde hair and blue eyes. He's tall and muscular.'' ''No, but on the table is a letter. I didn't understand, but anyway..huh?'' I run to the table and pick up the paper. Quickly my eyes read the words.

''Good morning Amber!!

I'm sorry that it had to be like this. I got a call from the boys and quickly headed to wards our hotel. 
I've been away for a few days and i'm already busy..heh.. Anyways. Thank you for last night. I'm very very sorry. I'll be away for a few weeks. I'll contact you.



P.S I LOVE YOU!!!!''

Are you kidding me??!! Are you ** kidding me??!! How.. no..calm down. Why??...Why would he do such a thing?? 
''What's that with that boy?" Dad stands next to me. ''None of your business.'' I angrily walk away. ''Yes, it does. Your my daughter.'' ''So??'' ''So?? Hey..wait a second.'' I walk to my room followed by my dad. ''I don't want to talk.'' ''Sheesh..''

Should i be mad at him? Come to think of it..he's a super star. Ohh myy... I'm so stupid. I'm mad because he's a superstar?? Pfffffff. I lay down on my bed. Gently i stroke the place where Niall slept. I miss him. His kiss. His warmth. I turn around so i lay down on my back. He made a song for me. The chords of the guitar...and his voice. I chuckle. How sweet. I shouldn't be mad at him.  

''Amber!!'' ''I don't want to talk!!'' ''There is someone on the phone who wants to talk to you.'' Niall??!! I get up and run to the door. ''Hello?''
''Hi, Amber!! How are you?"
''Hi, Amanda. I'm fine i guess. What about you?''
''What's wrong dear?'' 
''I met Niall.''
''You did?? Omg!! How was it like?''
''I was happy..'' I cry a little.
''Good for you! Than why you are so down?'' 
''The next morning...he left. There was only a letter left on the table.''
''You slept with him??!!'' She shouted. I quickly get away the phone from my ear before i get deaf.
''Yes, i did. But he left, saying that he's gone for a few weeks. And he'll contact me.''
''Are you serious?? He wrote that?? Ohh myy...'' Just as i thought.
''But baby, please. He's a star, very busy and madly in love with you. Do you know that? He was looking for you, remember? He even went to the radio station.'' I know that..I guess i needed someone telling me that.
''Thanks Amanda, i feel a lot better now.''
''No problem.''
''But...where were you calling me for?''
''Oh..just asking how you're doing.''
''Alright than..i'm off. Bye!!''
''Bye bye!!'' 

Probably calling at the right time. She really helped me. I guess i should be patient and wait till Niall calls. Just wait...

That day i didn't do anything. Just hoping for a call...That maybe won't come. I don't know, just wait and see...

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