Half a heart

"Amber?'' ''Yes?'' ''We always stay together, okay? Whatever happens. And what my mom says I will always love you'' ''I promise''. Niall grabbed me and kissed me on my nose.


15. Making a plan

Amber P.O.V.


Finally we arrived at the Meet and Greet. I stepped out of the car. "Thanks for the ride, dad." I gave him a kiss. "You're sure you want to go alone?" I nodded. "Okay than, bye sweety. Call me when your done." "Yes i do, bye dad!" I walked to the door and waved at my dad. He waved back. I walked with a smile into the building. 


"Hello, can i help you?" "Yes, i'm for the Meet and Greet. I'm a little late, so i hope he's still here." "Well, i'm sorry. You're too late girl." "Ohh..well.." "I'm sorry." I smiled a little bit. I slowly turned around and walked towards the door. Well....this is the end.


Liam P.O.V.


"You sure he wasn't there?" I asked. "No, he wasn't there...what can we do?" Harry said crying. "I don't know, maybe....Hey! Isn't that the girl from the Meet and Greet?" I asked, pointing at a girl who was walking away. Harry swiped away his tairs. "I...I..think so." I walked to the girl.

"Hi! You're Amber right? From the Meet and Greet last week." The girl turned around. Yes, we found her! "Are...are..you...........where..is ......Niall?" Harry started crying again. "What's wrong?" "Well...Niall isn't here anymore." "You mean he's....." "Gone." I saw tairs in Amber's eyes. "I mean not dead, but...he ran away." "Ohh...I thought he was dead..." Amber said relieved. "But you said...he ran away...how we gonna find him?" "I...have no idea actually." "I don't even understand why he ran away." Harry said. 


Amber P.O.V.


The boys and I were talking for hours. We made a plan to find Niall. "Okay, so this is the plan: We place posters everywhere in the city about this new restaurant with a fake adress. We make a route and than wait till Niall comes." Louis said. "There's one problem...what do we do if other people come to that place?." I said. ''Maybe we can wirte something down on the poster that only Niall understands." Harry said. ''Great idea. I write the tekst.'' Liam said "I can make the posters." Zayn said. "Well than let's do this!" I said. Everyone smiled at each other. I think this is a good plan. Niall loves food. We walked out of the building. I gave the boys a hug. "We let you know if everything is done. This is gonna be awesome!" Louis said. "All right than. I'm gonna call my dad. See ya!" "Bye!" And the boys walked away. 


"Hey dad, can you pick me up?" "Sure. I'm there in 30 minutes." "Okay, thanks!" And I hung up. I walked to the road. Suddenly, a girl stands in front of me. "Hello, Amber." "Who...A...Amanda?" I freezed.

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