Half a heart

"Amber?'' ''Yes?'' ''We always stay together, okay? Whatever happens. And what my mom says I will always love you'' ''I promise''. Niall grabbed me and kissed me on my nose.


9. An appointment

I'm really, really sorry for not posting for sooooo long. It's stupid i know. So i try to be online as often as i canxx

Amber P.O.V.

The first thing i did, when i wake up, was calling Amanda.

"...................'' Nothing....Again.
''...................'' Nothing....One more time.
''Hi Amanda! I have t-''

And she hung up. Why is she doing this? She tells me everything....and this time...nothing. I'm worried about her. I sat down on my bed and think about it, but than my stomach rumbles. BREAKFAST TIME!!! I run downstairs to the kitchen. What should i eat? Wait! I have to turn the radio on! Quickly, i run to the radio. Accidental they played ''One Way Or Another'' from One Direction. Dancing, I went to look for food. ''Hey! What is this?'' a voice said. I looked around the corner. ''Dad!!!'' i screamed and gave him a kiss. ''This is One Direction, not from your genaration.'' i said giggling. ''Ahaahh!'' he said nodding. ''So, your making breakfast?'' ''Yeah, you want some?'' i asked and picked an another plate. ''Yes, please.'' he said and sat down on a chair. A few minutes later, i came back with two plates.

Louis P.O.V.

''Niall! Niall!'' i screamed to Niall, who was still sleeping. ''.............'' Ik walked towards him and shook him awake. ''...............'' If that doens't work... I thought about it. Than i knew it. I stand on his bed and started jumping and yelling. ''Niall!! Wake up!! Now!!!'' ''Hmmmm....'' Niall mumbled. ''Finally your awake.'' i said and sat on the edge of Niall's bed. ''Yes, you did it.'' Niall said on a gloomy way. ''What's wrong?.........Is it about that girl you met?'' i asked careful. Niall nodded. ''Maybe.....we can.....uhmm....make a call..on the radio, television and internet.'' I saw a smile at Niall's face. ''Louis that's a brilliant idea!'' Niall said and hugged me. ''It's alright buddy.'' ''But first we have to dress up and have breakfast.'' i said and walked to my room. A few minutes later we are outside all dressed.

Niall P.O.V.

''So where do you want to have breakfast?'' i asked Louis. ''There!'' he said and pointed at a big restaurant with two butlers in front of the golden doors. ''Louis...isn't that expensive?'' ''Yes it is and there are only famous people. Maybe, we meet Justin Bieber.'' Louis said and winked at me. ''I hope so.'' i said smiling.

After a while we came out of the restaurant. ''It's time Niall.'' Louis said, grabbing my shoulders. ''Yeah, i know.'' i said and looked to the ground. ''Come.''

[A little later]

''Can i have a look, Louis?'' ''......Yes. Open your eyes.'' I opened my eyes and saw a big building. ''Surprise!!!'' Louis screamed. ''Uhhmm...Louis?...What is this?'' ''Can't you read?'' ''No Louis i can't.'' i said sarcastic. ''Well i will help you.'' I hit louis soft on his head. ''Of course i can read.'' Louis laughed. ''So, this is Q-Music.'' Louis said and looked at the big sign. ''It's a radio station. I thought i would be helpful.'' ''Thanks Louis, i really appriciate it.'' ''Come.'' ''Wait! Do i really have to do this?'' ''Only if you want your girl back.'' ''Don't say that ever again.'' Louis started laughing. ''Come, it's gonna be okay.'' So we walked inside, but will it help?

''Hi, we have an appointment with Martijn Kolkman. Where can we find him?'' Louis asked at the woman behind the office. She looked at Louis and smiled. ''The fifth floor. Walk straight ahead and than at the end left.'' ''Thanks!'' As we walked to the elafator, Louis waved at the woman.

Louis P.O.V.

''Woww!! Niall!! Are you alright?'' i asked worried. ''No, not at all..'' Niall said. His hand were shaking. ''Maybe you can write something and i will tell what you write. Is that okay?'' Niall nodded. ''Alright..here's some paper...and here's a pen.'' Niall started writing. I saw a tair falling down Niall's face, but he quickly wiped it away.


We were at the fifth floor. ''Niall, are you done?'' ''Yes.'' Niall said smiling and gave me the paper. We walked out of the elafator, walked straight ahead and at the end we stopped in front of a door. ''Are you ready?'' Niall nodded nervous.


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