Half a heart

"Amber?'' ''Yes?'' ''We always stay together, okay? Whatever happens. And what my mom says I will always love you'' ''I promise''. Niall grabbed me and kissed me on my nose.


16. Amanda

"A..a..a...a..a.." I couldn't say her name, i couldn't say anything. I just stood there looking surprised. "What....?" Amanda started grinning. What....what is she doing? Amanda grabbed without saying anything my hand and we ran away.
"Amanda what..." "Please come with me." Where are we going? What about my dad now?                                           Finally we stopped in front of a restaurant. "Come." She said and we walked inside.
Than we sat on a table next to a window. What is the reason she brought me here? What would happen? I was a little afraid.                                             
Suddenly a waitress walked to us. "Hello, can i get you something?" "Two Cokes, please." Amanda said. "All right!" Than she walked away. Amanda and I stared at each other. 

got a flashback from a few weeks ago: ''I-i..i...'' Amanda stammered. ''I LIED!!! EVERYTHING I SAID WAS A LIE!!!'' Amanda shouted and let fall her cup and ran out the door. 
"Why?" I asked. "Why Amanda? What did I wrong?" "I...." "WHY DIDN'T YOU CALL ME BACK!!!" "Amber I....." Amanda looked down on her drink. "What? AMANDA TALK TO ME!!" "................" I sighed. I wanted to walk away but...... "No Amber....please." I looked at Amanda.
Than finally sat back on the chair. "Talk." I said. Amanda swallows. "First.....i really wanted to tell you, but.....i couldn't. And i'm really sorry for that. I understand you can't forgive me, but....please listen to me." I nod. " It was silent.                                                                                                                                
"Where I was lying about was............our friendship." What? .......What is she talking about?! "I don't understand.." Amanda looked down again. "SPEAK UP!!" "I LIED ABOUT WHAT I THOUGH ABOUT YOU, WHAT I SAID ABOUT YOU AND MOST OF ALL....WHAT I FELT FOR YOU!!" Wait....she means....she.... "YES!! I'M GAY!!" I was shocked. All these years...what we did....what i told her...all the time...she...was...in love with me. "I..I..... " Amanda was mad, really mad. And i understand, because I though she...loved boys. And she had these feelings for soo long. Why didn't I saw it?        
"Amanda.....I'm totally okay with it." She looked surprised. "Really?" "Of course! I think it's really brave what you just did, but....you know.....I like boys. But what we have...is special. Nobody breaks us." She smiled. "I'm glad you say that." ''Friends?'' I asked. ''Friends.'' We smiled.
I'm happy. Finally I could talk to Amanda. Now we're even better friends.
''And about Niall....are you dating?'' I totally forgot about Niall! ''Uhmm..well...'' ''Tell me. I'm curious.'' ''Uhhmm...well..Niall..is gone..he ran away.'' ''What?'' Amanda was shocked. ''How..why?''
''I don't know, but we made a plan..'' So I told Amanda everything.
''Well, If you guys need some help. I'm here for you.'' ''Thanks Am, I will let you know.''

After drinking our Coke, we leaved the restaurant.
''It was good to see you again.'' Amanda said. ''Yes.'' ''Can...I give you a kiss?'' What? ...... ''Just on the cheek.'' I saw Amanda was blushing. I smiled. ''That's okay.'' 
Amanda came very close, than kissed my cheek. As she stepped backwards, I saw she was blushing again.
''Well, I have to go now. It was nice to see you again.'' I said. ''Yes.'' I said her goodbye and walked away.

''I'm home!!!'' I shouted. Hmmm no response. Maybe dad isn't home.
As I walked to the living room, I saw some paper on the table. It says: ''Hi sweety! I'm with Lena tonight. There are some pizza's in the frige. Love you!! Xxx Dad.''
Fine....i'm homealone. And ofcourse he's again with that rubbish. I hate her. But i'm fine. I'm mature enough to be alone. You know...i don't need dad. I can so everyting by myself.
Mad as is am, i walked to the frige and grabed a pizza. I put the pizza in the oven and wait 30 minutes.
Soo....what's on TV now? I was zapping, until I saw something very
I couldn't believe my eyes....is that..?? Omg!! It can't be!! 

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