A New Hope

Justin Bieber, he's famous and needs a friend, just to vent to. that doesn't want to get in his pants, and doesn't care if he is a famous pop star. so that's exactly what he finds. her name is Ellen, but he calls her El. so he wanted someone that wouldn't fall for him... but what if he falls for them?


2. Then I Found Her

I finished my concert and then had a meet and greet to do. But first I texted Ellen

Justin: hey! my concert is over, I am gonna go do a meet and greet. then after to you wanna hang? I'll take a shower so you don't puke from the smell haha

Ellen: Aye! yes! I totally want to! :) haha yea you do that :) how was the concert?

Justin: haha it was good, aye yo! I gotta go I'll text you when im done

Ellen: ok my pop star bff haha ttyl :)


So I went to the meet and greet and met a ton of amazing fans. Then I went home and showered. And got ready then I called Ellen


Ellen: aye! wassup?

Justin: hey! I showered and am no longer sticky

Ellen: good! so what do you wanna do?

Justin: well I don't really want anyone to follow me or anything, so can I just come to your place?

Ellen: yea totally, just come when ever


After about thirty minutes of driving I pulled up to her house. I went and knocked the door and she came and opened it

"Hey!" she said pulling me in for a hug. then walking over to the couch

I kicked my shoes off and did the same "Is anyone here?" I asked, cause I was here earlier and nobody was home, and now nobody was again

"No... my parents travel a lot. For like long periods of time, but they never take me with them. I wasn't a very wanted child. My dad was just horny, and my mom was just a slut. Well, they're still like that I guess. But my point was, they don't like doing stuff with me. They make really good money though so they always leave me a butt load of money whenever they leave. So I'm fine." she said with no emotion turning the channels on the tv

"Oh... I'm sorry." I said with sympathy

"No, its really fine. I mean if they were here all the time, then I'd probably be a screwed kid." and that time there was some hidden emotion

I was about to say something when her phone rang. she looked at who it was and smiled

I could only hear her half of the conversation so it was weird and choppy "hey slut!" "yea I know right? I hate her!" "aahhh yes! He's scrumptious haha" "uh yes one sec..... hey Justin do you care if my friend comes over?"

"no that's fine." I laughed out

"ok, you little striper! you can come" then she hung up. And I just started laughing "what?"

"Just how you talk to your friends." I said

"oh" she let a small laugh out "that's just how girls are with each other" "oh her name is Julian by the way"

then a few minutes later the doorbell rang "Its open!" she yelled

then Julian walked in. And she was gorgeous.

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