A New Hope

Justin Bieber, he's famous and needs a friend, just to vent to. that doesn't want to get in his pants, and doesn't care if he is a famous pop star. so that's exactly what he finds. her name is Ellen, but he calls her El. so he wanted someone that wouldn't fall for him... but what if he falls for them?


3. The Party

  "Oh my gosh! Your Justin Bieber!" She laughed

"Yea." I said looking at her

"I'm not like a crazy justinera person, I just like your songs." She said plopping down on the couch next to Ellen.

Ellen's phone rang "one sec." "Hey baby!" She said walking out of the room

Not long after she left she came back in "hey I am going to go and get Ryan, I'll be right back." She said walking out the front door.

As soon as the door shut Julian jumped off the couch and ran to the closet. "What are you doing?" I asked

"It's Ell's birthday today, Ryan is her boyfriend he called her to get him cause we planned her a surprise birthday party." She said pulling streamers out of a bag "will you help me put these up?" She asked


"Yea." I said grabbing a pack

"She's never had a birthday party before, cause I'm sure she told you about her parents." She said as she started hanging streamers. "We hate basically everyone, so there aren't going to be to many people." She said walking down the hallway "let's me, me, Ell, her boyfriend, you, Amy, and Will."

She opened a door at the back of the hallway and helium balloons started to flood out "how did you get all those in here without her noticing?"

"Well she never goes in that room, and I had Ryan take her on a date." She smiled proudly

The short list of people she had named off arrived. Will had heard of me but didn't really know me. It was nice to be in a crowd as just a normal person.

Amy brought cake and ice cream. And will brought chips and pop. We finished decorating and heard Ell's car pull up. We heard her laugh at something Ryan said I'm guessing.

She walked in and we were all standing there "SURPRISE!" We all yelled

"Oh my gosh!" She said looking around "thank you you guys!" She said hugging all of us and kissing her boyfriend. She came up to me holding hands with Ryan. "Ryan this is my friend Justin, Justin this is my boyfriend Ryan."

"Aye man" he said shaking my hand, "you look really familiar... Do I know you?" He asked

"Umm I'm a pop singer, you've probably seen me on tv." I said

"Oh right" he said "your the baby kid" he laughed

I laughed "yea that's me."

"Well that's really cool bro." He said hitting my arm

"Thanks." I said

Julian came up to me "so how's it goin over here? You met Ryan I saw. Aren't they like the cutest couple ever! He's so sweet to her." She said looking at them in envy

I let a small chuckle out "yea he seems nice, she deserves someone that would be sweet, especially since her parents are.... Ya know."

"Yea." She said looking up at me

"Ok guys!" Amy and will yelled, they were dating, "we're gonna watch a movie."

"C'mon." Julian said "you wanna sit with me?" She asked

"Of course!" I said grabbing her hand

She looked up at me and smiled, and blushed just a tiny bit.

Ell sat with Ryan, of course. Will sat with Amy, obviously. And me and Juli Sat together. About halfway through the movie, it turned into a make out party, Ell ended up sitting on Ryan's lap with his tongue down her throat. And same thing for Will and Amy. Except, there were three couches, so two people were on one couch. So Will had climbed on top of Amy.

"So Julian." I said clearing my throat

"Yea?" She said looking up at me

"Do you wanna go out on like a date... Sometime?" I asked hopefully

"Really?" She asked

"Yea." I said smiling

"Yes." She said biting her lip and nodding her head


 So sorry I didn't update for like a week! But I will do it as much as I can this week :) let me know what you think of this chapter and if you have any suggestions on what you think should happen let me know and I will try to work it into the story!  

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